Taking my NCLEX-PN tomorrow!

  1. It's been a long time coming but I'm finally taking my NCLEX-PN tomorrow afternoon. I graduated back in 2012 but my ATT was delayed due to being in enforcement for almost a year.

    I have been a pharm tech for over six years and was working part time throughout nursing school. I went full time after I graduated and even with the ATT I kept on delaying the exam because I was so caught up making money. Sadly I wasn't paying attention and let the first ATT expire (this was almost exactly a year ago).

    I quit my pharm tech job four months ago and was only studying on and off since I was unmotivated due to forgetting so much stuff and discouraged when I would do the questionnaires. I tried all sorts of programs- NCSBN, Hurst, and Kaplan qbank. Hurst was good if you need to refresh some basic stuff, but IMO, it wasn't worth the money and didn't really tell how well you were progressing. Kaplan qbank I actually loved using since it gave scores in different categories and you can focus on where you are scoring the lowest. I started scoring mostly in the low 50s and ended up in the high 60s / low 70s. I also used LaCharity Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment book and it was really worth it (I started to understand what the question was trying to ask due to this book).

    Sooooo I will see how effective my studying was when I take my exam tomorrow! Stay tuned!

    I'm doing a few questions and reviewing lab values today as well...but mainly taking it easy and let my brain relax.
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  3. by   30days2nclex
    Goodluck! I wish you all the best
  4. by   equalme
    Omg just got home. Delivery Successful and good popup!!!

    Let me tell you that I felt completely unsure on 75-85% of the questions I answered. I was a bit relieved but also disappointed when it didn't shut off at 85...I ended up doing around 185 questions and was there for a little over 3 hours.

    Keep in mind that I've been out of school for exactly two years now and didn't really start studying/reviewing until just 2 weeks ago. Hell I just memorized all my lab values just yesterday... I did the Hurst review a couple of months ago, watched all the lectures, but didn't really absorb much since I didn't really look over the material I wrote down nor followed up with questionnaires.

    My Kaplan qbank scores ranged from 55 to 70...and occasionally a 40. I did about 650 questions on kaplan qbank.
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  5. by   30days2nclex
    Wow! So happy for you! I took this stinking test 4 times already that's 4 fingers lol I've got 1 more finger left before I move to the next hand..lord please don't let me move to the next hand!
  6. by   Virtual
    Congrats, can you recall what type of questions you had? select all that apply? were they just safety related or disease related (check all the symptoms of a disease), any math questions, listening to lung sounds?
  7. by   equalme
    Thanks! I actually got a lot of multiple choice questions...2-3 math and maybe 15-20 sata. A lot of disease related questions...I was hitting myself for not even glancing at my med-surg notes. I did not get any listening or charting questions...but I did get I think 2 put in order questions.

    After taking the NCLEX, I think it would've been pretty easy if I had taken it right after graduation when med-surg was still somewhat fresh in my head.
  8. by   Virtual
    I know alot about med surg and safety, but peds and maternity is my weakest point.
  9. by   equalme
    Ped and maternity were also my weak points lol. Luckily I only got a few of them. There were a few questions asked that I didn't even recall learning/seeing in nursing school...completely clueless.
  10. by   DJAYS
    Well congrats to you...I too have been out of school for 2 years now. But I work as a tech in a very busy hospital. I have been trying to get ready for round two of this test. I have been review med-surg stuff also there was a lot of stuff on my last test I had all 205 questions but I failed with 4 hours of the test...yes I was so stressed out the first time..then they put my results on hold for the first 24 hrs...still working on my drugs did they have both names on the test .?
  11. by   equalme
    From what I remember, yes, they listed both generic/brand names.
  12. by   equalme
    Ugh still waiting for Texas BON to update with license# so I can start applying for jobs. TBON supposedly only updates on Tues/Thurs... I ended up paying for quick results just for a peace of mind and it was indeed a pass.
  13. by   myfutureinnursing
    wow reading back at this really motivates me to keep trying !!! congrats to you
  14. by   equalme
    Thanks! I just got offered a job pending background/drug check!

    So I took the nclex on Tuesday the 16th, quick results shows passed on Thursday 18th, TBON updated my license Tuesday 22nd, and I applied at the closest SNF (about a mile from where I live) the same day that Tuesday. Got a call back today Thursday 24th for an interview and they hired me on right away!! They said I will start orientation next Tuesday if my background/drug check gets completed by then.

    The DON was hesitant on hiring me due to being out of school for two years and was curious why I waited so long to take the nclex...she was thinking if I cared so much about nursing I would've taken the nclex asap. The staff coordinator liked me and fought to get me hired and the fact that I had 5+ years of pharm tech experience greatly helped.

    So happy for a new chapter in my life!!