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equalme has 4 years experience as a BSN, LPN, RN and specializes in Cardiac.

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  1. equalme

    eNLC - will we be grandfathered in?

    With eNLC being enacted in Kansas in July 2019, will current KS RN/LPN licenses be grandfathered in thus converting our single-state license to a multi-state? I spoke with KS BON but they were not able to give me a definite answer, the person I spoke with made it seemed like details are still be worked out.
  2. equalme

    Mid American nazarene ABSN

    I recently graduated from the MNU ABSN program a few months ago. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the program. We started with about 55 students and 54 of us graduated. Sure there were a select few that complained about everything including how unorganized the program is and what not, but I have been through LPN program. It's not too uncommon for nursing programs to "weed" students out, professors having power trips, and you end up with less than half of your cohort left in the end. This is not the case at MNU. The professors and program director are there for you, they want you to succeed and practice empathy as how nurses should be. So the program is structured into six modules, each module about 6 weeks long, and you get a week off between modules for the most part. In addition, you get almost a month off for Christmas, a week off for spring break, and I think a week off for thanksgiving. Ultimately it ends up being a 10 month program after you omit the breaks. They front load the first two modules with pharmacology and pathophysiology, you'll pretty much be in class M-F 8-5p with an hour lunch break. Clinical do not begin until module three. Capstone starts in module 6; placement is competitive and preferences are based off of program GPA, ATI proctor scores, and pretty much your overall behavior/attitude reflected in class and at clinical. The furthest capstone site was in Lawrence if I recall correctly. Chapel is not required for the accelerated program. They do require three credit hour of bible study class, unfortunately I did not find out until later that you could take a bible study class as a pre-req, and will be omitted from having to take it during the program at MNU. We literally had bible study class for 4-5 hours on a single day and that was it...waste of a day IMO. Overall, I loved the program. I recommend it to everyone that are looking to achieve a BSN. I do want to point out that this school is Christian/Nazarene. They do not push it on you or attempt to convert anyone. I am not very religious, but I enjoyed the brief prayer we had before every exam, it calmed the soul and I found it helped me clear my mind.
  3. equalme

    Is it possible for a nurse to become a doctor?

    Which makes sense. PA are educated under the medical model whereas NP is still nursing model.
  4. equalme

    Is it possible for a nurse to become a doctor?

    Correct. But if you can find a med school to go to part time, then it'll take you 12+ years then.
  5. equalme

    IV Therapy Certification

    Probably difficult because Texas BON does not require LPN to be IV certified, but only recommends it. The facility you work at will dictate whether they allow it or not.
  6. equalme

    MidAmerica Nazarene ABSN Spring 2018 Cohort

    I am currently in the program and my cumulative and prereq GPA is pretty similar to yours. My TEAS was around 81%. I think your chances of getting accepted is very good.
  7. equalme

    MidAmerica Nazarene ABSN

    Good luck! I'm assuming they just did another stack of reviews recently as I submitted my application not too long ago.
  8. equalme

    MidAmerica Nazarene ABSN

    I was just notified that I have been accepted into the Fall 2017 ABSN program!!
  9. equalme

    MidAmerica Nazarene ABSN Fall 2016

    For those that got accepted into this Fall start, what did you score on the TEAs? And if it's not too personal, your average GPA? I'm a bit late into applying but I will be submitting my application on Monday. Just trying to see where I stand with a 3.19 cum. GPA, 3.6 prereq. GPA, and 81.3% TEAs.
  10. equalme

    MidAmerica Nazarene ABSN

    When did you submit your application? I'm a little bit late in the game but I should be submitting my application on Monday for this Fall. Our scores are very similar. My GPA is 3.19 and scored a 81.3% on the TEAs. I think your preqeq GPA is a little higher than mine.
  11. equalme

    MidAmerica Nazarene ABSN

    Hi all! I'm in the process of completing my application for hopefully Fall 2017 ABSN. I couldn't find any information, but does anybody know what is the average pre-req GPA and TEAS score that are getting accepted? If you get waitlisted and then not-accepted for say Fall semester, will you have a better chance getting in the next go around in Spring? I'm a LPN with ~2.5 years of skilled nursing under my belt in the state of Texas, which is very lenient with scope of practice. I have a pre-req GPA of 3.5 and currently refreshing up on the TEAS to take later this month.
  12. equalme

    Apartments close to Houston methodist Downtown

    Uber from and back will get expensive quick and tiresome. There has also been talks about Uber discontinuing in Houston. Your best bet is to find an apartment/condo/townhouse close to the rail system but like HouTx said...rent is ~$1k starting and goes up from there. Is there any specific reason you cannot drive? There is no longer any nearby groceries stores nearby since Krogers on OST closed down. If purchasing is an option, I have my condo listed up for sale currently, off of Holly Hall St and ~5-7 minute drive into medical center. Mortgage plus HOA fee will be less than having to rent by a few hundred a month. Contact me for more info if interested.
  13. equalme

    MCC Spring 2017 Applicants

    Hi, kind of off-topic. Do you know if MCC have an expiration on preqreq courses?
  14. equalme

    Home health agency in KC

    Hi all! I'm a LPN in Houston, TX, currently working full time at a SNF and home health visits on the weekends. It's a lot of work but I'm enjoying the extra income from the HH job. I will possibly be moving to Kansas City, KS, early next year. Any recommendations with home health companies? How is the pay out there? I am currently getting $35 per visit on weekdays, $55 on weekends, and $5 between patients for mileage.
  15. I have attempted to call ISU a couple of times and keep getting a voicemail. I am looking into the their LPN-BSN online program and have already taken most of the pre-requisites at my local community college. I know some nursing programs have a five year cutoff on credit transfers...but I could not find any information on ISU website except something about thirty years which I am doubting. Thanks!
  16. I'm a LVN looking to start home health (per visit) per diem after January next year. I'm currently working at a SNF full time with almost 1.5 years experience. There are so many different companies available and I've read of some horrors some are. I'm located near TMC so it would be nice to have a office near me. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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