Study Tips to passing Nclex this helped me Pass the second time around

  1. hey guys my inbox is getting overloaded with pm's so i decided to post it on here ! this is what i did to help prepare the second time around and i passed ! i felt confident and i was able to tackle the questions.

    by the way to those of you asking i did not or read the kaplans book , i did every question in the qbank and test trainer 4,5,6,7, two times its repitition and how to answer the question , totally different from nursing school you have got to put yourself on the floor as if you are taking care of a patient ....think airway, breathing, circulation, pain and safety ! read below
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    hello to all of you i want to share my experience with some of you , today i took the nclex rn exam for the second time in the row. my first date was june 14 and my second date today august 13 th.

    after i found out that i didnt pass the first time , i was devastated but i also know i didnt study enough for that type of test . that type of test needs proper preparation . i left out of there my very first time in tears , only because i knew i did not pass.

    i get my results approxiamtely 3 weeks after i took the boards , failed is what it said , i failed 3 sections out of the eight and i was nearly passing at the rest of them . so the way i interpreted was that i pretty much failed i took 197 questions the first time around . i tool 2.5 hours to take the exam .

    what did i do , i put a study plan into effect, i took out a calendar came up with a test date and committed and adhered to my study plan. i read 3 chapters a day in the saunders book and completed the test after every chapter , i also did 100 questions in the kaplans q bank daily . if i was working ( well i worked as an ip until i found out i didnt pass and then i worked as a na ) i would just read my saunders book and then i would do the 50 questions in kaplan q bank. i also committed myself to do the q bank 2x over just so i was familiar . i had two weeks to go before my test date i had to throw it in high gear , on my days off i would study for 5 to 6 hours a day , i would do around 500 questions in that time . i reviewed every rationale whether i got it right or wrong i read it all . down to one week left till testing date , i did test 6 , got a 74 % on it wheeewwwhooo i was feeling good , next day did test 7 got a 67% i wasnt feeling to good but kaplans states if you get a 65 % or higher go in with confidence . so then i did test 5 got a 62 % i was bummed i couldnt believe it my test scores are going down what is going on here . so i then decide i was going to re-do all three tests and i did scoring a 95 % or higher the second time around .
    the day before my test date i did test 4 and reviewed the every rationale right or wrong i scored a 72% on it .

    the day of the test , pearson vue called said i could come in earlier if i wanted , my appointed time was a 2 but i showed up at 12 , before i left my house i did 70 questions in the kaplan q bank , yikes i know but i did it . i sit down in front of the computer my heart pounding , my hands shaking but i continue , by question 3 i got my first select all that apply , by question 22 i got another select all that apply by question 40 i had gotten 4 select all that apply and by question 60 i had 5 select all that apply , my test shut off at 75 , but i looked at question 75 and i stared for a good ten minutes ! i was so afraid to look further beyond it i was afraid that it will continue to question 76 , but my computer screed turned blue at that moment i got real scared and jittery i was afraid , what if i failed . when it was all said and done i got 20 medication question , a ton of priority and delegation a few ob questions 1 pediatric question some med surg questions too .

    i felt so different this time , i still do not know my results but i can tell you i feel better , i feel a sense of accomplishment , i am crossing my fingers and i am praying that i passed . if i did not pass i cannot imagine what i did wrong , how could i study some more or how much more .

    with this all said and done i have done over 3500 questions and i am hoping to pass .

    for all you test repeaters stay strong and adhere to your study plan , i passed with doing the following above !

    i hope this helps someone who will be retaking the nclex, i am not going to lie it was not easy but it was do able if that makes sense .

    good luck and keep your head up !
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  3. by   rebmem
    Thanks for the advice; it gives me confidence that I will definitely pass on my second try. I am still waiting for my result in the mail, but I already know that I didn't pass because it's been 2 wks and it hasn't posted online.

  4. by   1hotrn
    Hang in there , if you need any help anywhere let me know , start studying now if you didnt pass , thats what i did my first date was june 14th , i knew i didnt pass by june 18th i started studying slowly and then when i got my letter a month later i put it in high gear , i study for 2 months before i sat for boards again , remember take care of yourself too and enjoy life ,i still did things that i enjoyed
  5. by   rebmem
    I received my letter today; it's confirmed - I didn't pass! I will start studying now and will follow your advice. I have high hopes that I will pass next time, I only had one below passing, all the rest near passing.

    I have less than a month of Kaplan online access......will they extend it since I didn't pass. Is that how you did yours? Or should I try something else, like NCBNs?

  6. by   SupaDrea
    Thank you for the study tips. I didn't pass my NCLEX the first time around and I plan to pass it the second time around. I did study Kaplan the first time around, but I don't believe I did enough questions. I am finishing up Saunders book for the content part of questions. I am hoping for a pass the second time around!
  7. by   stephanishawn
    thats great advice. you worked hard and it showed. congrats to you
  8. by   shell07
    I am new here, and this story is very inspiring and wil help me in my journey to start studing again.
    thanks for telling your experience and offering help and hope.
  9. by   PoshKammish
    wow thanks for the tips...I am aiming to do what you just did...I am working full-time also in an office mondays to fridays I am out working 8 to 4pm, planning to make the saunders as my bible and answer more SATA questions fr silvestri...I am feeling positive that I will make it this time...good luck to those who are going for the NCLEX the 2nd time around like me...planning to take it this March though
  10. by   Mingma
    I have 3 months to can I get started to stick on NCLEX-RN preparation?Any good ideas or suggestions???
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  11. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from Sonia41
    I have 3 months to can I get started to stick on NCLEX-RN preparation?Any good ideas or suggestions???
    Latest Saunders comprehensive and practice the questions and understand what they are asking and read the rationales
  12. by   Mandy1105
    did u pass the second time around?
  13. by   caliotter3
    It is nice when people come back and post the results one way or the other.
  14. by   jtanga
    I dont understand, you said , "I failed 3 sections out of the eight and i was nearly passing at the rest of them" my question is do we need to pass every section?