Special Research Section and how it affects the quick results

  1. I took the NCLEX for NY state last July 6, 2017. I stopped at 75 after 4 hours and 40 minutes of taking the test. I spent at least 3-5 minutes for each item analyzing every option. When I finished question number 75, I got this message saying that I am about to take the NCSBN special research exam and it said that is not counted in the official nclex. I just want to get it over with so I was just clicking away on all the questions. It was around 25 questions and took me more than 30 minutes to finish it.

    After the exam, I called my friend who took the nclex earlier and I asked her if she got the research questions too, she said she did not. I was confused since I thought everyone was supposed to take it after the exam. When I got home, I googled what the NCSBN research questions is all about. It is said that it is only given to selected students (why meee??) and that it is going to start at July.

    Today, I got my quick results. It said that I failed. 😞 I was just wondering if quick results counted the ncsbn questions. I noticed during the test that after question 75, the first question in the research section is labelled as question 76 up until the end at question 100. I don't want to believe that I failed the test, I'm really optimistic about this. Should I just wait for the official results? I hope someone can help me with this one because it seems that I'm the only one having this dilemma. Thank you so much in advance!
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  3. by   calidreamin
    I had the special research section also, I only did a couple and just ended it because I didn't wanna answer any more questions. My exam stopped at 75 also and I passed. Those questions were not counted in your grade for your NCLEX, it said that on the special research pop up. I'm sorry but it may have stopped you at 75 because it took you 4 hours and 40 minutes and didn't think you would have time to go through all 265. When people stop at 75 they either are doing really good or really bad. Maybe use a new study habit for next time. Best Wishes
  4. by   imhorsemackerel
    If that section wasn't given to everyone, then it was randomized. The reason they do it randomly is for the benefit of research. I'm assuming they'll compare your answers to your demographic information and other test takers. They'll analyze the answers and draw conclusions, yada yada. As far as why they don't do this for everyone... well maybe it would be too time consuming. I don't know. But if the warning said that it wouldn't be scored, then it shouldn't be scored. If they used it to add to your score, that would be misleading. In class you talk about how clients must give their consent. Well, with research, participants must also consent.
  5. by   Kssable
    Just curious, but did you find out if you passed or not?
  6. by   augurey
    Of the classmates that I know tested in July, 2 had the research questions. I also had them.

    The research questions aren't included in the quick results at all. My test ended with 75 questions, but when the research questions started, it showed my count going up. One of the other classmates said the same thing about her question number going up, but during the research questions, it allowed you to go back to previous questions where as the actual exam didn't allow that.

    One classmate that had the research questions had accidentally ended it a few questions in and it didn't impact his score at all.

    Unfortunately if your quick results say fail, I'd say it's accurate and didn't incorrectly count the research questions as I've not heard of anyone's quick results being inaccurate.

    What resources did you use? Either way, hang in there, and worst case scenario, you test again. Please keep us posted and thinking of you.

    Quote from calidreamin
    I'm sorry but it may have stopped you at 75 because it took you 4 hours and 40 minutes and didn't think you would have time to go through all 265. When people stop at 75 they either are doing really good or really bad.
    It wouldn't have shut off because it didn't think she'd have enough time to get through all 265.

    It shuts off when one of 3 things happen:

    1. When the computer is 95% the tester's ability is clearly above or below passing.
    2. When time runs out.
    3. Once 265 items have been answered.

    Since she had time left, it wouldn't have shut off until one of those 3 things occurred. Since hers shut off at 75, it was #1.
  7. by   Ilikeletters
    I got 75 questions and was there about 50 minutes. I think over 4 hours for 75 questions means you don't have a good understanding of the material. And I do think time plays into it - in real life, you aren't going to have 5 minutes to decide what to do. You have to make a decision based on what you know. Thus, a minimum competency. Sorry!
  8. by   Scottishtape
    I didn't get any research questions. I got 75 questions and my quick results showed I passed.

    A friend just took NCLEX a week ago and she got the research questions after 75 questions and her quick results showed a pass as well.

    I've never heard of quick results being wrong.

    I'm very sorry. Good luck on your next attempt!
  9. by   kateyez223
    Have you received any results on whether you have passed or not? Hoping to hear good news.
  10. by   Megz.RN
    Unfortunately if the quick results say fail it means that you failed. I understand what you are going through but there are people who have taken the NCLEX 3,5,8,13 times and have yet to pass.
    Some things that helped me get a passing score this last time I tested: I actually did thé ncsbn learning extension and learned the content of each of the catégories. It was amazing that I didn't quite understand what type of information was included in each of the categories. I also did the free webinar with Nurse Chioma (choosingnursing.net) and took the assessment test that was offered. My results showed that I needed to learn more information about pathophysiology of the diseases. Last but not least I happened upon a you tube video that talked about hyper/hypothyroidism as I tended to get those two confused and the person presenting has a website with a variety YouTube videos of different diseases and the pathophysiology. This website was registerednursern.com.
    Good luck with your studying.
  11. by   Miss.LeoRN
    As others have said, the questions don't count. I'm sorry you failed your exam. On the next one however, don't spend so much time on the questions. Over analyzing and over thinking is the bane of any nursing exam question. Don't over think was one of the first things drilled into us when I started nursing school.