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  1. Of the classmates that I know tested in July, 2 had the research questions. I also had them. The research questions aren't included in the quick results at all. My test ended with 75 questions, but when the research questions started, it showed ...
  2. augurey

    Ok Class of 2017, Where are you??

    Congrats! Do you know about how long it takes to get your ATT where you're from? I've heard from my other classmates that previous graduates didn't get theirs until the end of June. I definitely have time to study, but I'm anxious to get it scheduled...
  3. augurey


    For the most part we were at one hospital. A few other times we went to the other affiliate hospital - it didn't matter where you lived, it's just where you got sent. I have no idea how they chose our units or how they chose who went to which hospita...
  4. augurey

    Anyone testing in June?

    I'm hoping to take mine sometime in June. I graduated on the 4th, so I'm just waiting for my ATT. If not, I'm hoping early July.
  5. augurey

    Ok Class of 2017, Where are you??

    How was that? I've been seriously considering doing that, hoping it'll up my chances to get into L&D. Things have been too crazy to do it just yet, but I'm hoping to here soon. It's honestly really hard to believe it's almost over. I had my l...
  6. It's doable, but it can be very difficult. When I started, my daughter was 2 and then had my son 4 weeks into my first semester. I had a c section and ended up being out 3 weeks. I managed to get through, but it was very tough. It was very tough w...
  7. augurey

    Online support group Moms in Nursing School

    I'm in my last semester with a 3.5 year old and a 17 month old. I had my 17 month old 4 weeks into my first semester and am currently 12 weeks pregnant with my third, but obviously I should be done by then (hopefully, provided I get through). I'm up ...
  8. augurey

    Ok Class of 2017, Where are you??

    Just checking in to see how everyone is doing. We're almost done! I have about 6-7 weeks left until finals and then have 3 weeks of practicum. Then, hopefully, I'll be graduating at the beginning of May. How is everyone else and what's your anti...
  9. augurey

    Ok Class of 2017, Where are you??

    How is everyone doing and holding up? I'm doing well still, but this semester has, so far, left me feeling discouraged, defeated, and overwhelmed. I'm taking med surg (III) and microbiology (hybrid - online and in person). I just finished my 8 wee...
  10. I echo the others in saying that if you're not under the care of a doctor and/or therapist for those things, please strongly consider doing so. That can be one of the most difficult steps to take. Acknowledging there's an issue, and then seeking out ...
  11. augurey

    Stupid, lazy, or ADHD?

    I'm only a student, but I was diagnosed back in May shortly after my second semester ended. I questioned for a very long time on whether or not it could be a possibility, but without really understanding it, being able to hyperfocus made me think it ...
  12. It truly depends on you and what kind of support system you have. When I started my program my daughter had just turned 2, and then I had my son at the beginning of the fourth week of the first semester. He had a dairy protein allergy which would ...
  13. Is there any chance of you moving out? Getting an apartment with a friend/roommate? Nursing programs are competitive. It sounds like they are putting an awful lot of unnecessary pressure on you. Personally, I think you've got it right. Your plans ...
  14. augurey

    Ok Class of 2017, Where are you??

    After tomorrow I have 3 weeks left of class + finals week. 1 more nursing exam + final. 2 more quizzes in A&P, 1 lab practical + final. Nutrtion, I don't know maybe a case study, quiz + final. English 2 presentation, outline, rough draft, final p...
  15. augurey

    Ok Class of 2017, Where are you??

    Congrats on your acceptance! :)
  16. augurey


    My clinical group last semester was 7. This semester, I believe, is 9. We can choose our clinical day, but we can't choose our clinical group. Honestly I kind of like that as it's made me branch out and get to know some other students. We're not bffs...