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  1. Of the classmates that I know tested in July, 2 had the research questions. I also had them. The research questions aren't included in the quick results at all. My test ended with 75 questions, but when the research questions started, it showed my count going up. One of the other classmates said the same thing about her question number going up, but during the research questions, it allowed you to go back to previous questions where as the actual exam didn't allow that. One classmate that had the research questions had accidentally ended it a few questions in and it didn't impact his score at all. Unfortunately if your quick results say fail, I'd say it's accurate and didn't incorrectly count the research questions as I've not heard of anyone's quick results being inaccurate. What resources did you use? Either way, hang in there, and worst case scenario, you test again. Please keep us posted and thinking of you. It wouldn't have shut off because it didn't think she'd have enough time to get through all 265. It shuts off when one of 3 things happen: 1. When the computer is 95% the tester's ability is clearly above or below passing. 2. When time runs out. 3. Once 265 items have been answered. Since she had time left, it wouldn't have shut off until one of those 3 things occurred. Since hers shut off at 75, it was #1.
  2. augurey

    Ok Class of 2017, Where are you??

    Congrats! Do you know about how long it takes to get your ATT where you're from? I've heard from my other classmates that previous graduates didn't get theirs until the end of June. I definitely have time to study, but I'm anxious to get it scheduled and take it! Congrats! I don't feel like it's sunk in yet and it's been almost 3 weeks. What books are you using to prepare for NCLEX? Right now I'm just using UWolrd and the ATI book we received during our live review. That's exciting about the BSN and MSN programs! I'd like to start looking, but I'm going to wait a little bit. We have to sign a contract upon hire that we'll get our BSN within 5 years from the date of hire. I don't plan waiting that long - I'm thinking a year. My son was born during my first semester, so I missed a lot of his firsts, plus the extra weight on my husband's shoulders. I'm having my 3rd at the end of August, and I really want to have time to adjust to working, watching my baby's first year, spending as much time as possible with my kids. I'm hoping I'll find a job quickly enough and will have settled in within a year, and hopefully making work and school more manageable. Are you looking for online only (or mostly) or a brick and mortar school?
  3. augurey


    For the most part we were at one hospital. A few other times we went to the other affiliate hospital - it didn't matter where you lived, it's just where you got sent. I have no idea how they chose our units or how they chose who went to which hospital, but I do know that when we were on one unit for the entirety of the semester, you just went where they sent you, not necessarily if you lived closer etc. Though the two hospitals were about 20 minutes from each other. During the last two semesters (med surg III and critical care), we rotated between hospitals, so everyone ended up pretty much at each place. The specialty areas were a little different - psych, OB and peds. Some aspects were one location only (like where there was only one clinical for that specific location to see the different aspects of psych, etc), but otherwise, there were a few locations we could've gone. Before the start of the semester, they'd tell us each of the locations that we could potentially end up at. They had everyone pick their first, second, and third (etc) choices. They tried to accommodate as many people as possible - though sometimes they were unable to as they had to look and see if one location was potentially a scheduling conflict with another clinical or class. So those they tried to go by student preference if they could manage, but otherwise we had no choice in where we went if there were more than one location.
  4. augurey

    Anyone testing in June?

    I'm hoping to take mine sometime in June. I graduated on the 4th, so I'm just waiting for my ATT. If not, I'm hoping early July.
  5. augurey

    Ok Class of 2017, Where are you??

    How was that? I've been seriously considering doing that, hoping it'll up my chances to get into L&D. Things have been too crazy to do it just yet, but I'm hoping to here soon. It's honestly really hard to believe it's almost over. I had my last final last Thursday. My practicum started Sunday and my next day is tomorrow. My last day is the 29th. The first few days in May I have mandatory ATI review. I really never imagined myself a college graduate, and certainly not from nursing school. It really has been rough, but I also have loved the experience and am grateful that I had the opportunity to do so. I got in by the skin of my teeth and am thankful that the school took a chance on me.
  6. augurey

    Having a baby before, during, or after nursing school?

    It's doable, but it can be very difficult. When I started, my daughter was 2 and then had my son 4 weeks into my first semester. I had a c section and ended up being out 3 weeks. I managed to get through, but it was very tough. It was very tough with him as he had a dairy protein allergy, bad reflux, numerous ear infections which finally required tubes. Juggling doctor's appointments and illness where they had to miss daycare was challenging. We have a great support system, but my family lives over an hour away and my mother in law has a lot of other grandchildren, so it wasn't always possible for her to help out. That was a truly tough time. My husband and I had decided to have another between graduation and me starting work. I'm 14 weeks pregnant 8 weeks into my last semester. My first two pregnancies were pretty much a breeze, so I had a lot of hope that this would be too, if only a little tougher because of the demands of school and two small kids running around. This pregnancy has been so different. I was never this sick or exhausted with my first two, so it's really been a challenge. There have been many days this semester where I just wanted to quit and graduate a year later. I've been pushing through, but it's not been easy. I only say this because you have to take into consideration that you don't know how your pregnancy will be. Which isn't to say don't, but just something to consider. It's absolutely doable, it's just difficult and you'll want strong support system.
  7. augurey

    Online support group Moms in Nursing School

    I'm in my last semester with a 3.5 year old and a 17 month old. I had my 17 month old 4 weeks into my first semester and am currently 12 weeks pregnant with my third, but obviously I should be done by then (hopefully, provided I get through). I'm up for a private group if that's decided on. Having kids, especially young, is definitely a challenge while in school, but I found that, as hard as it's been, they've truly been what's kept me going whenever I've felt like giving up.
  8. augurey

    Ok Class of 2017, Where are you??

    Just checking in to see how everyone is doing. We're almost done! I have about 6-7 weeks left until finals and then have 3 weeks of practicum. Then, hopefully, I'll be graduating at the beginning of May. How is everyone else and what's your anticipated graduation date?
  9. augurey

    Ok Class of 2017, Where are you??

    How is everyone doing and holding up? I'm doing well still, but this semester has, so far, left me feeling discouraged, defeated, and overwhelmed. I'm taking med surg (III) and microbiology (hybrid - online and in person). I just finished my 8 weeks of OB and am starting my 8 weeks of Peds. This week I have one more course starting (online only). This new class will put me at 16 credit hours, and I already feel like I'm drowning without it. This semester I've felt so stupid. I feel like I know nothing, and I feel like I'm not holding things together as well I had before. I don't know if it's just been the extra things outside of school that has put me there or not. I think it is. I have weekly appointments (counseling trying to recover from an eating disorder), my kids both had well visits (with 1 more well visit coming up and an ENT follow up for tubes that were placed this last summer). Plus staying on top of bills, money in general, my son teething and so is up many times a night most nights, my daughter just started gymnastics and I've been going with her (she's in a class where I'm with her and help her), dealing with health insurance and what not, and then cell phone issues. I got the galaxy note 7 at the end of August, which was recalled because there were reports of them catching fire / exploding. The stress of that and dealing with the phone company was a lot. I had finally got a replacement note 7 a few weeks into September only to find out about a week ago or so that those were catching fire / exploding as well, so then had to get that one replaced with another phone. We're trying to get my son transitioned from the bottle to the sippy. We're trying to get our 3 year old potty trained who is completely resisting, so we have absolutely no idea what to do or what we're doing. My husband works full time and does pretty much all of the cleaning and takes on more than his fair share of responsibility with the kids. I still spend time with them and do what I can, but there are days/weeks where it's very little as to what I'm able to do to help him. I've been sick twice in the last month. I'm just getting over the same thing for the second time right now (which I think has a lot to do with stress and lack of sleep). Plus I have to get my flu shot and have it approved by the end of the month, and have no idea if I should just go get it even with still being a little sick as I'm not sure if I'll be 100% by the due date. I feel like I'm letting people down left and right. I feel like I can't even take a break to breathe as I feel like I'm going to screw up and then let people down if I already haven't. If I can just keep pushing through, I have 8 weeks left of this semester followed by 3 weeks off. Spring semester is my last semester. It'll be a 12 week semester where I'll have, I believe, a medical ethics class and an 8 credit hour critical care class. We end with finals at or the week following the 12 weeks of class. Then we'll do a 3 week preceptorship, and then (hopefully!) graduate May 4. I'm trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel for this semester in order to try and get me through. One of my instructors had to give me a pep talk a couple of weeks ago. I'm just scared I won't be able to get through this. I'm scared that if I feel this way now, I'll never make it as an RN.
  10. augurey

    Getting through nursing school with mental health problems

    I echo the others in saying that if you're not under the care of a doctor and/or therapist for those things, please strongly consider doing so. That can be one of the most difficult steps to take. Acknowledging there's an issue, and then seeking out help, both of which can feel very difficult to do. I've struggled with an eating disorder most of my life. I've also struggled with depression and anxiety. I really thought I had depression and anxiety under control though. I realized during the spring semester this year that I really didn't. I was ready to drop out because I just felt like I'd never be able to get through it. I figured I'd struggle with the eating disorder the rest of my life, but I at least wanted to regain some control over anxiety. I stuck with school, and I had finally asked for help during the short break between my spring and summer semester. I was diagnosed with ADHD on top of the other things. I started on some meds with some changes to others that I had started last fall (postpartum depression). I just took it day by day. It was a struggle every day. I spoke with the counselor at school and got things squared away there. As hard as it was to be going to therapy, working on a lifetime's worth of issues, and keeping up with school, I stuck with it. I slowly started noticing changes in myself, and noticed the positive changes in how I was at school and interacted with my classmates and performed in clinical. I had another med change after summer semester and had a 3 week break to adjust to the change. I'm finally on the right combination of everything. For the first time in my life, I'm actually having days where I don't binge or purge at all which is something I never dreamed possible. I'm finally starting to accept myself a little more as time goes on. I don't focus on my appearance so much and what my classmates are thinking of how I look as much. Some days are harder than others, but I try to block those thoughts out as much as possible. My thoughts on my appearance is pretty much what destroyed my confidence in clinical. I eventually started telling myself that the patient doesn't care what I look like (whether that's actually true or not), and that the patient needs me to be focused on them and taking care of them rather than causing them to feel unsure of me because they can sense or see that I'm not comfortable. I also knew I'd probably end up failing clinical if I couldn't figure out a way to at least deal with it during clinical. Once I started doing that along with being on proper meds and talking to someone, there's really been a huge difference. I still have a long way to go, but I'm laughing now and actually starting to really enjoy the whole experience. Some days are still harder than others where I would rather stay in bed all day and not go to class, but knowing how far I've come and seeing the positive changes is enough to keep me pushing through each day. It's exhausting. Absolutely exhausting to push through each and every day, having to add in counseling to my already too chaotic of a schedule, and then fighting my mind on a daily basis. I'm so glad that I ultimately made that decision to get help, and even more grateful that I've stuck with it. I love the person I'm becoming, and I'm looking forward to loving the person that I become once I'm on the other side of this. My kids and nursing school have really been the things that keep me going back, keep me trying to move forward. I remind myself every day of why I'm doing this, both going to counseling and nursing school, and that keeps me going and keeps me working on me, and by doing that, I'm able to cope a little bit better as time goes on.
  11. augurey

    Stupid, lazy, or ADHD?

    I'm only a student, but I was diagnosed back in May shortly after my second semester ended. I questioned for a very long time on whether or not it could be a possibility, but without really understanding it, being able to hyperfocus made me think it couldn't be possible. I didn't even know it was a thing. I was uneducated and really thought that someone would be nothing but hyperactive and unable to pay attention. The other times I wanted to question it and ask, I was scared to ask about it as I thought I'd just be seen as someone trying to get drugs. After my second semester, I honestly was about to quit. I started thinking about ADHD again and decided to get more information on it before I went and talked to someone about it. It was in that moment that my life started making sense. So many things hit so close to home. Over the next week or so I'd continue reading to see if certain quirks had anything to do it. I found myself laughing and crying at the same time as I started understanding more about myself. I started treatment, and I truly wish I had asked for help a long time ago. While I certainly still face challenges, I'm able to manage better. My relationship with my husband improved. It's obvious when I don't take meds on any given day. My husband even told me that he prefers me on drugs My relationship with classmates have improved. I've always been that shy person just about my entire life which really isolated me from classmates. I'm still shy-ish, but I do have more confidence and have started being able to form better relationships with my classmates. I feel like a "normal" person rather than like the outcast I had felt like most of my life. I've not been very open about my diagnosis. My husband knows as well as my parents, brother, and sister-in-law, but I haven't really said much to anyone else. School is aware. I spoke with the personal/academic counselor shortly after diagnosis, and she was amazing and really made me feel supported.
  12. It truly depends on you and what kind of support system you have. When I started my program my daughter had just turned 2, and then I had my son at the beginning of the fourth week of the first semester. He had a dairy protein allergy which would have him screaming 24/7 during his first month of life before he was diagnosed. On top of that he had bad reflux, so even with the dietary changes he was still a miserable mess and wasn't gaining weight very well. Still screaming almost 24/7. Not quite as much as before diagnosing the dairy protein allergy, but close. It's been hard. Very hard. My husband and mom have been the two most important people that have done so much so I could get through school. Without them, my husband especially, I don't think I could have done it. I have people tell me all the time that they don't know how I do it. I tell those that work and go to school that I don't know how they do it. Or those that have kids, work, and go to school whether married or single. My classmates and I say those things to each other. I think it's more about your perspective, how you handle it, and the kind of support system you have. As far as missing milestones... it absolutely can be hard. My summer semester was 10 weeks which included finals week within that 10. I hardly saw my kids as I was at school almost 24/7. I'd talk to my husband briefly on the phone, and he'd tell me how my son was doing something new. I had to be in clinical the morning that my son was getting tubes in his ears. While I know it's a simple and quick procedure, he'd never had general anesthesia. I wanted to be there. I wanted to be able to hold him after. Summer semester was very hard academically as there was so much to do, but it was the time spent away from my kids and missing my son's milestones that hit me the hardest. There were days I cried because I felt so much guilt. In the end, I knew that this was my sacrifice for them. From where I was at before going to school to where I could be after, I can provide them with a better life. Even though it's been hard, it'll be worth it in the end. The time that I do have with them, which is a little more now, I do everything to make it count. I also wasn't in a position to be able to put school off any longer. My family was, and still is, relying on me getting through school. Whether you push school back a year or not is a personal decision, one that we cannot decide for you. It absolutely can be done with having an infant at home. It's absolutely hard, but it's also doable. It depends on you, your family, etc.
  13. Is there any chance of you moving out? Getting an apartment with a friend/roommate? Nursing programs are competitive. It sounds like they are putting an awful lot of unnecessary pressure on you. Personally, I think you've got it right. Your plans don't sound careless or reckless. Maybe get your foot in the door doing something at a hospital (or whatever you want to do). Try and see if you can find out from the schools why you were denied admission and see if there's anything you can do to increase your chances for the next cohort. I don't know how you'd feel about moving, but maybe try looking out of state if there's nothing more you can do in your area. There are a lot of options. If you don't get in, maybe consider LPN and then do a bridge down the road.
  14. augurey

    Ok Class of 2017, Where are you??

    After tomorrow I have 3 weeks left of class + finals week. 1 more nursing exam + final. 2 more quizzes in A&P, 1 lab practical + final. Nutrtion, I don't know maybe a case study, quiz + final. English 2 presentation, outline, rough draft, final paper and done (April 26 - which is nice as it frees up an evening during finals week). Next week is my last clinical day for the semester (obviously!). After my appointment with my doctor, I got something for anxiety, and I'm pretty much a different person during clinical. Things are starting to fall into place, and I'm starting to go with the flow. It's improved the way I talk to my patients even though I still really have to work on that. My wording always sounds awkward and forced. I mean everything I say, but it always comes out so awkward. I've just never really been the vocally expressive type, so it's kind of unnatural, in away, to say some things even if I sincerely mean what I say. I'm hoping that'll improve over time as I become more comfortable in my communication skills. But otherwise clinicals are starting to go well. I still get really nervous before, but as soon as we're on the floor, it goes away now. I'm so happy about that. My instructor has noticed. Oh, and I got my first 100% on a nursing exam last week. I was shocked. Other than that, looking forward to my 2 week break. I plan on catching up on some sleep and getting a little extra before the insanity that'll be starting May 23. Though I have some fun days planned with the kids. I'm also doing Relay for Life with some classmates as well as joining my instructor and her family and friends (and probably other students / school staff) on a walk in support of her daughter. So, after this semseter... 3 semesters left! Which is so hard to believe. If I get through summer semester, then I think my excuses will be running out as to why I think I'll fail out. The last two semesters will certainly be challenging, but I feel like if I could get through these first 3 semesters (baby first semester, 14 credit hours second semester with a super fussy baby and a toddler in her terrible 2s, and a 10 week 13 credit hour summer semester), then I can't imagine what could possibly stop me (other than laziness and procrastination) from getting through the last 2.
  15. augurey

    Ok Class of 2017, Where are you??

    Congrats on your acceptance! :)
  16. augurey


    My clinical group last semester was 7. This semester, I believe, is 9. We can choose our clinical day, but we can't choose our clinical group. Honestly I kind of like that as it's made me branch out and get to know some other students. We're not bffs or anything, but I'm liking the people that I'm slowly getting to know.

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