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  1. Kssable

    Mayo Clinic New Grad Oct 2017

    Any updates on when they open to new grad registration?
  2. Kssable

    Banner New Grad Experience

    Hi all, so does anyone know how to contact the recruiters at Banner? I applied in August and my application still says "Pending recruiter review". It won't allow me to reapply because it says I have already applied for this position. Help!
  3. Kssable

    Honor Health Interview

    Hi, I have an phone interview with the Recruiter! Anyone know what they ask for the Recruiter questions? Also, any follow up to your interview?
  4. Kssable

    Banner New Grad Experience

    Hi Bsnrngirl, Thanks for responding! :) Yeah, I applied to the East Valley RN New Grad on 8/18 - and its still pending review. Then, I applied to the West Valley on 8/28 - pending review. I been applying at Dignity, Maricopa Integrated Systems, HonorHealth, etc...and no one has reached out for an interview. I even work at HonorHealth for 10 years and they helped pay for my schooling and I did my rotations here, but I'm not able to get a call back from them. So discouraging.
  5. Kssable

    Banner New Grad Experience

    Hi All, I applied to their New Grand program on 8/18 and then another one on 8/28 but haven't gotten a response back yet. It still says "Pending Recruitment Review" Does anyone know how long it took them to respond for an interview?
  6. Kssable

    NAU vs. ASU RN to BSN

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can give me a rundown of the cost per credit, and how many classes, etc... for each NAU and ASU program. I can't seem to find a straight answer on their website without contacting a counselor. Would appreciate any advice!
  7. HI all, I want to share my experience.... I took my NCLEX on 7/24/17 and passed with 75 questions! I graduated in December 2016 and had to wait 7 months because I had to complete English 102 (perreq) I was terrified because all my friends took and passed... I heard so many horror stories that if you wait long after your school, the chances of passing are slim. I didn't even study all that much... at least compared to some of my friends. I basically used Uworld for a month. I completed 1000 questions. I did NOT do questions every day. I'd do questions sporadically here and there.. I also used Hurst Review for content. I loved Uworld though! The questions and rationales are the BEST! Also the NCLEX is similar to Uworld. The format and everything! Honestly, I felt like I should've studied more because I didn't have all the labs memorized and I didn't have some concepts like Peds and Psych covered; I also didn't know the insulin very well... Anyways, of course the day of my exam I got a few Ped questions! With each question on the exam, I felt like I didn't know and it was final jeopardy! I was praying I'd get more questions, and then PUFF! the exam ended at 75 questions... I left defeated, absolutely with no doubt knowing I failed at 75 questions. I had a few SATA and priority questions. I went home and did the Pearson Vue trick - and it gave me hope that I might've passed... It gave me the good pop up! Then the next day in the morning (not even 24hrs!) the board posted my license number!! So, I'm posting this to give everyone hope out there that it IS possible to pass! Stay on top of it - use Uworld!! without a doubt it saved my butt!
  8. Kssable

    Mayo Clinic New Grad Oct 2017

    Hi all, I know this is a redundant topic that has probably been brought up a zillion times. I do apologize for bring it up, again. Does anyone know the process for applying at Mayo? I mean, I know they start in February and October the registration process. But, how do we know when they open the application process? I waited last year in October, and never got the e-mail that they opened the application process and then I missed the date. I didn't realize its open for two days only! Also, for those who applied and were accepted, any tips on what they're looking for in the resume? And what kind of questions they might ask? Or what kind of candidate they want? I would love to work for Mayo because I am literally down the street from them, walking distance from home. Appreciate any advice!
  9. Really find it kinda annoying and obnoxious that people take the time to point out the obvious (homework assignment - and last minute), as if the original poster was not already aware of the situation. If you don't want to help then don't comment, but no need to judge and discipline people about being late for assignment, etc....
  10. Kssable

    How to prepare for NCLEX in 3 weeks

    I test on 7/24! so in two weeks...and I'm doing Uworld, haven't done assessments yet but on my tests i'm scoring high 50's and low 60's too. I really hope that is not bad... but would like see how you all are studying as well? I'm also dong Hurst Review for content.
  11. Kssable

    Kaplan or Hurst?

    I like both - I really like Hurst because it helped me remember items and content better. There were things on Hurst that I never remembered learning in nursing school.
  12. Kssable

    HELP! 2 weeks NCLEX

    Hi, I'm looking for some guidance, and I've been reading the message boards and its been real helpful! I graduated in December 2016 from Nursing but I had to still take English 102 - so I took that in Spring before I could take my boards. I am scheduled to take my NCLEX on July 24th - in two weeks! :x I've been using Uworld and Hurst Review which have been a tremendous help! But my scores for UWorld are in the high 50's and low 60's...with a 72nd percentile. I don't feel very confident at all, and want to know what I should be doing these next two weeks? I don't want to postpone my test any longer since I waited 7 months already. Appreciate any advice offered!!
  13. Just curious, but did you find out if you passed or not?
  14. Kssable

    When did you receive your ATT?

    I had the same thing happen to me! I graduated in Dec 2016 from my nursing program but I did not take English 102. It was not a prereq to nursing - so I had to take English 102 during Spring 2017! BIGGEST mistake I made waiting until AFTER nursing school to take English! :x Now I am studying for my NCLEX! I'm glad I wasn't the only one that finished nursing and had to take another class afterwards...
  15. Kssable

    Think I failed-nclex RN 85ish questions

    So, how did you do? Did you pass?
  16. Kssable

    Uworld Self-Assessment Exam questions

    Recentnurse1234, How'd you do on the NCLEX? I just starting taking Uworld and am so confused!! :x I did 250 questions only and it says I'm in the 72nd percentile, and I answered 68% questions right. What does that mean? How high on the percentile do you have to be to pass? Or does anyone know how to interpret uworld results?

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