short cut to remember!nclex study tip...

  1. hi,everyone here's some study tips to remember! example to remember antianxieties meds,think of smelling leaves not roses, normally we think smelling the roses as a way to relax. In thinking of anti anxities, Think of smelling the leaves as the way to relax...:smilecoffeecup:

    L- librium
    E- equanil
    E- equanil

    To remember how blood flows from the heart! think....

    Arteries- Away ,arteries carries oxygenated blood away from the heart to the tissue.
    veto-viens, carry blood to the heart.

    S/S OF MI(myocardial infarction)- think of DANCE PAD....:Melody: :roll

    A- anxiety
    C-crushing substernal chestpain
    E-elevated temp.



    P-protect pt.from injury
    R-report the fire
    C-contain the fire

    R-rescue or remove the pt.
    A-activate the fire alarm!
    C-contain fire by dosing windows & doors
    E- extinguisher flames

    that's all folks for now! hope it helps!!! goodluck! to all nclex takers like me :chuckle
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  3. by   Cherybaby
    I am pretty sure Rescue in "RACE" comes first! You want to get the patient OUT of the room first and foremost, even before activating the system. IN the one minute that you run from the room to activate the alarm, your patient can succumb to burns, smoke inhalation or even death.

    I could be wrong though...but I am pretty sure it is RACE, not ARCE.

    Anyone else?
  4. by   Cherybaby
    Oooppps. Forgot to mention...

    Your other tips...LEAVES and especially DANCE PAD! I loved those! I can remember DANCE PAD for an M/I because I know if I ever danced on a dance pad, I would have an M/I!!!! :roll

    Those are great tips. Taking the test Tuesday and I love the info!

    Thanks again!
  5. by   renri4
    oks! you got it right thank you so must remove patient from immediate area first... here's one thing,you must know how to operate the fire extinguisher....


    P=pull the pin
    A=aim the base of the fire
    S=squeeze the trigger
    S= sweep back and forth

    thanksss!!! and goodluck on tuesday!
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  6. by   eliza_mae017
    thank u i wrote PASS, RACE, ARC, DAnce Pad down into my notebook.thanks again
  7. by   Cherybaby
    There are a few silly things I remember also for memorization purposes:

    Like...the PT time norm for a pt on Coumadin? 10-14...remembered because I think PT=preteen=age 10-14! Silly huh???

    To remember to avoid food with Synthroid? "It's A SYN to AVOID food"
    SYN AVOID - Synthroid. Yes, it's goofy...but it helps me! *LOL*

    Here's another dumb one:

    Normal Lab Value for BUN - 8-20 "Only girls 8-20 should wear BUNS"

    Or, I used to have nice BUNS between the age of 8 and 20! Don't use that one if you still have nice BUNS! :roll

    Adverse affect for Ditropan (for bladder issues)? Restlessness. I remember this because when I have to pee...I get restless...and start doing the I have to pee dance. See?

    I have a bunch of silly rhymes too. Want me to share them with you, despite the embarassment it will cause me?

    Lemme know!
  8. by   Cherybaby
    Oh yeah.

    I like Nursery Rhymes!

    INR : 2-3

    2-3 year olds like Nursery Rhymes.

    Yes. I'm a dork...but whatever works, right?
  9. by   scaredofshots
    This is super great and wonderful!! If only I had the PT range memorized I would have gotten a test question correct!!!!

    What about this one: Diastole= the a** hole doesn't do anything
    (muscle relaxed) and
    Systole= the sister does all the work.(Blood ejected)
    helped me anyway...
    Oh and Immediate tx for MI remember MONA lisa
    Morphine, Oxygen, Nitroglycerine, ASA
  10. by   Cherybaby
    Oh my G*D! These are great!

    Can I ask WHY this thread did not get started weeks ago...instead of TWO days before my exam???????:roll

    Here's one for the side effects of Buspar:
    "I missed the Bus! Par for the course! Now I am going to be nervous and dizzy all day!"

    Or, how about the patient who is on PTU and you don't know what that is for?

    Pal, Toughen Up! You have a GRAVE disease! (PTU is for Graves Disease!)

    This is way too much fun! Who's next! Bring it on!!! I only have til Tuesday morning, People!!! :smilecoffeecup:
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  11. by   miss_cy
    cool....alrighty, lemme share mine.. for the 12 Cranial nerve ACTIONS, here it goes.


    so.. the 12 CN will be..

    O - SOME
    O - SAYS
    O - MAKE
    T - MONEY
    T- BUT
    V - MY
    A - SAYS
    G - BIG
    V - BOOBS
    A - MAKES
    H - MONEY

    yeah i know, a bit silly but easily remembered..all for the sake of passing the nclex. gudluck! by d way, for the cranial nerves itself..i just remember HAVGAFVTTOOO and type it starting frm below.... u knw being "neologistic" works!
  12. by   Leilah75_RN
    i have learned 12 cranial nerves from my nursing instructor a very kinda odd way lol. here's how he made us memorize it.
    feel a-facial
    very- vestibulocochlear
    sweet-spinal accessory

    lol anyways hope that makes sense.
  13. by   Cherybaby
    Leilah!!! That's hysterical!

    I can just see me sitting at the exam tomorrow going
    "ooh ooh ooh" and having the guy next to me think I am some sort of freak!!!

    Love all these tips, you guys!
    I am so ready for this test!

  14. by   Leilah75_RN
    Quote from Cherybaby
    Leilah!!! That's hysterical!

    I can just see me sitting at the exam tomorrow going
    "ooh ooh ooh" and having the guy next to me think I am some sort of freak!!!

    Love all these tips, you guys!
    I am so ready for this test!

    it is actually more hysterical than that. i just edited the letter V to make it wholesome hahaha u know nurses sometimes (or oftentimes or most of the times lol) nuts hehehe... the real meaning is actually a lil bit on a R rated side:P winks...

    good luck on yer test. i'm sure you will ace it. pray...and it will be done:P