Send a prayer out for me!!!!!!!!!

  1. Finally, I took The NCLEX today i had a variety of questions.
    I really don't know what to think about the exam because i did not leave in a panic after the exam. I have already said to myself by FAITH i have PASSED this exam. 48hrs waiting time begins. Im going to try(ha ha) to relax and read a book and do some other things around the house to keep myself occupied. And for those who took the test today this is what I keep saying to myself (PRAY,STAY FOCUSED, AND TRUST GOD). LUNA:wink2:
    PHIL 4:13
    JERM 29:11
    PS 118:23-29
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  3. by   blessed1702
    My prayers are with you! Good luck to you!
  4. by   DolphinRN84
    Good luck with your results!
  5. by   NaomieRN
    I will pray for you.
  6. by   raremoon22
    Thank you for you prayers I really appreciate it.
    I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NCLEX_PN
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  7. by   chelli73
    prayers coming from chicago!!!! Hope you pass!!!!:angel2:
  8. by   TheCommuter
    Here's a prayer being sent to you from deep in the heart of Texas. :kiss

    I'll keep my fingers crossed with the hope that you passed NCLEX.
  9. by   raremoon22
    I would like to thank everyone who prayed for me.
  10. by   luv2shop19mall
    Quote from raremoon22
    I would like to thank everyone who prayed for me.
    hopefully you passed. please pray for me. i take mine next week .. for the 5th time. can yo believe that?
  11. by   angie27
    Good luck! I will pray for you too!!:wink2:
  12. by   sareebadi
    Quote from blessed1702
    My prayers are with you! Good luck to you!
    I read this on
    We come to you right now just to say thank you. Lord...we give you honor and glory and the praise for the opportunity to serve as "caregivers" to the wounded, ill, blind and challenged. God you are the one who brought us this far. We know that you will never ever leave us alone. We cast our cares upon you. God, right now I am asking that you bind every spirit of worry, depression and anxiety upon my sisters and I. Lord give us spirits of trust in you. Grant us FAVOR right now !!!!

    You are glorious and you said we shall be victorious. 8 is the number of "new beginnings". 2008 you said you will raise up a new generation of Nurses, Leaders and Warriors. Lord be with those of my sisters who are experiencing any finanical hardships. Provide for them and their households. I command it right now. Do It Father in Your Precious and Holy Name. Give us a spirit of calm and peace to weather the storm. It is all in your purpose for our lives and our calling to touch others who need healthcare.
  13. by   rndick01
    Congrats!! I know how exciting and a relief that is to finally hold those license in your hands!!! That "little piece of paper" that you gave blood sweat, and tears for!! It's all worth it now isn't it?!! Good luck with your exciting new career as a Registered Nurse!!!!