Secret to nclex.

  1. TO those that pass nclex, what is the secret because everyone is passing. WOW it's unbeleiveable.
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  3. by   mwc1230
    Study. Lol
  4. by   kemifair
    Quote from mwc1230
    Study. Lol
    I know that but it has to be something else
  5. by   DeBerham
    From years of taking standardized nursing tests (NCLEX PN and NCLEX RN, CEN, ONC, RN-BC med-surg) here are my tips...

    You're smart and you passed nursing school. You know this stuff. Don't walk into the test already giving yourself a failing grade

    Go with your first answer... It's usually correct

    Relax, you won't know everything on the test... it's just how it goes. DO NOT GET FRUSTRATED BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW AN ANSWER, MOVE ON! Taking a SWAG (Scientific Wild A**ed Guess) is perfectly acceptable every once in a while


    Don't read into the questions. The information that is presented is all you need to know. Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be.

    When in doubt ABC's... If that doesn't apply, life/limb/eyesight... If that doesn't apply, what would you want done if you were a patient?

    What areas did you do poorly on in school? Study those.

    Sleep well the night before. Consider taking the night off! Cramming for the test until 2am of the day you test won't help and will likely hurt as you might be less alert.

    Take the test when you're most awake (ie if you're a morning person take the test in the morning).
  6. by   davi000
    who ever is failed may be not posting. because of heart broken.
  7. by   kemifair
    Quote from davi000
    who ever is failed may be not posting. because of heart broken.
    I don't understand
  8. by   kemifair
    Thank u deberham for those encouraging words.