Saunders vs HESI NCLEX-RN books

  1. Hi all!
    I have the 4th Edition Saunders book and the HESI NCLEX-RN review books. Which do you think would be the best to utilize or do they both offer good studying opportunities? I just graduated 5/16 and plan on taking my boards in July.
    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   newrn2010
    I graduate in Dec.,almost everyione in my class reviews with the Saunders. The Hesi is good for review but the Saunders is more comprehensive. I LOVE the disk that comes w/ the Saunders. You can practice questions and get rationale right after. I really like it when your burnt out studing. It is excellent. Good luck
  4. by   FUTURE_RN2B09
    Is there any advice on the exit Hesi? I have taken it twice and I have one more try...I am pulling my hair out and getting very depressed and stressed...Please it there as any studying techniques you can offer or any study item that will help on the exit Hesi pleeeeeease share...Does the evolve pract test really help?
  5. by   newrn2010
    I am not there yet, not until the fall. I will say in my program (a ADA program-a JC in CA) it was going to be manditory to pass and graduate. The school had to change that, too many people failed. I can't address it for you but I have been hearing Saunders is better.
  6. by   newrn2010
    I forgot: the evolve that is linked to our text book REALLY is helpful. There is an awesome tutorial on Fluid and Elyte balance.
  7. by   passion4womyn
    ive got great notes for hesi send me an email , i can try to fax them to you.

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  8. by   Sp25
    From what I've heard Evolve is the company that makes the Hesi exams...I did practice questions on evolve & did horrible & didn't learn anything...I then bought a Saunders NCLEX book (to study for HESI) & studied for about 2-3 hrs just to get familiar w/ the questions & lingo they use & got a 916 after my first semister in the RN program .... it helped 100% w/ the rationals that were VERY simple & IDIOTPROOF & even came with a cd SAUNDERS SAUNDERS SAUNDERS!
  9. by   passion4womyn
    if you haveccess to your evolve website they have your HESI results there and you can see where your weanesses were.Also if other of your classmates have access to evolve they also can be of help because it shows what you misssed and Subtopics and the best choice is if you have an evolve student id,which your school should provide.I have really great notes but seems i cant post too much here.ttyl, i would be glad to share my great study tips.Our class avg for the HESI was 950+, a lot of students scored between 900- 1000+, we had good study notes.w e needed 870 to passthe program. let me know. how elsei can help you
  10. by   FUTURE_RN2B09
    hey thanks I wish there was a way to get those notes from you but it looks like this site doesnt allow email posting.... is there any other way to post notes maybe if you send a thread to me instead of a post?
  11. by   caliotter3
    The private message function can be used when one has posted 15 times (icon with pencil). Emails can be sent using the envelope icon. The email address is not visible to the sender. Most people claim they are successful using the Saunders Comprehensive Review.
  12. by   passion4womyn
    ok, how do i start a thread?
  13. by   Silverdragon102
    Check this post out on getting started on allnurses
  14. by   beachbutterfly
    I prefer Saunders I think aswome for the content review.