RN NCLEX June, Pearson Vue Trick, 180 questions, Kaplan

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    I've been waiting awhile to post this! I started my journey in July of 2014! I had a year of prerequisites, then I got accepted in the nursing program and graduated in May of 2017! I am around 40 years old and had been out of school for OVER 20 years!

    RN NCLEX June, Pearson Vue Trick, 180 questions, Kaplan

    In school I kind of skated by. I never opened a book because all of the extra content was too much for my brain. I went to almost every class, never missed a clinical or lab day. So I just used my notes and power points from class to study. I won't get into the particulars or politics of the staff in the program...

    After passing nursing school I took the Kaplan NCLEX prep in person class for $329. 4 days of class from 8-4 and tests to take at home after you learn the basics of using the decision tree. Everyone asks if they should take the class. A lot of people say to just take the quiz bank. Will you be ok with only the quiz bank? Probably, but why chance it! I'm not in a position that I couldn't afford it. So I took it. I do recommend it, just because it worked for me. I don't know if I would've passed without taking the in person portion, because I didn't go that route... If you test after a friend you could use their sign on and use the quiz bank if you really cant afford any part of the course. I also purchased the ncsbn question bank and felt that those questions were way too easy, so I only took about 20-30. And I read about half of the 35 page helper that I suggest starting a month before graduation, at least!! Ill post my grades on my Kaplan trainers...

    Diag 65%
    T1 63%
    T2 57%
    T3 51%
    Session 7 60%
    T4 53%
    T5 52%
    T6 53%
    T7 52%
    Readiness 66%

    165 Bank questions (which is like none!) I graduated May 17th, took the kaplan class May 20-23rd or so, and tested June 5th)

    I was really worried about testing, but wanted to get it over with! And worse case, take it again. It's not really on content that you have ever learned. More general lab values used in critical thinking and I also had a lot of prioritizing. (for my test) I had 17 SATA, and one drug calc type out of about 180 questions.

    The week before my test I had two deaths in my family. The night before I got NO sleep! I was too worried about being on time to eat breakfast the day of, so I ate some of my snack that I took before I went in! I took two opened granola bars and some cherries in a clear baggy and a water with no label. I doubt you have to be that extreme, but I didn't care to chance it. I also asked for earplugs. I have always used them when testing. Although I was pleasantly surprised to see each "desk" was in like an office cubicle. So that was great! I was worried it would be like a classroom and I would be distracted by everyone getting up at different times. There are other tests going on, different break times and so on.. Oh and I was worried about putting (space) ML, no space, lower case ml?... I didnt have to put that part on my one drug calc, just the number.

    I did quite a bit of praying the weeks before, night before and the day of. Especially right before I started.

    When I started my test I was like THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING! I had to calm myself down! This is not do or die! This is not flunking me out of nursing school! I can retake the test if I have to. Now let's go!

    When I hit 75 questions I looked at my question and tried to memorize it before I hit next, so I could google it when I left to see if I got it right. I did that for every single question of my remaining 105!!!! I hid the clock because seeing the time will freak me out, but I checked on each break and I was ok time wise incase I needed all 6 hours. When the screen popped up for the first break i was like NOOOOOOO GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE! LET ME PROVE... oh, its a break. ok I'm going to take it. Same thing happened for the second break around 175 for me.. I took the break. had the rest of my snack some water and restroom. Little did I know I had 5 more questions!!!!!! From what I remember I knew 3 of the last 5. Not from memory, but they were critical thinking with lab values in them. And I got the last one wrong!!! I just KNEW I failed!! oh well, I'll just have to take it again. I guess, nothing I can do:/

    I waited exactly 5 hours AFTER I WAS DONE to do the pearson vue trick. I had only hit submit once and it gave me a weird pop up (not the bad one). My friend said to hit submit the second time. I GOT THE GOOD POP UP!! Telling me I had already scheduled this test... yada yada yada But I didn't really believe it because, well, life... So I waited until 48 hours AFTER THE START OF my test. I paid for the quick results on pearson vue and got my unofficial PASSSSSSSS!!!!!

    WHEEEEWWWWWW!!! Okay, that's all I got! I had searched and searched through every forum I could find for all of this info! I hope this helps ease someones nerves, or helps in some way! Just know that you passed nursing school! You are minimally competent! You can do this! Don't get in your own head! And pray.
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    What is the Pearson Vue trick?
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    It's a way to see if you passed 5 hours after you take your nclex. It's not 100% accurate though. I've heard of a false negative if trying it too early. You log on to pearson vue 5 hours after you take your test and you go through the steps to purchase the nclex again. ONLY THIS TIME YOU PUT THE CVV AND EXPIRATION DATE INCORRECTLY. I had to hit submit twice. If you get the "bad pop up" (fail) it will tell you to fix the info because they are trying to take your payment. If you get the "good pop up" (pass) it will say that you have already purchased this test"
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    Is this a for sure? I took it at 8 this morning and finished around 930 and tried the trick at about 1230-1 and it wouldn't accept my card because I had the expiration date and security code wrong. I tried a gift card after that and it locked me out of the entire account.