1. Did anybody know that they will post quick result on Sunday? I am waiting for NCLEX-RN result that I took on Sep1. It shut off @ 75!!! I am so anxious now.
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    after I posted this message, I kept check on the site and I found I PASSED...yeah!!!!!!!!
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    congratulations nurse!
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    Good job! Enjoy your time to yourself. You deserve it!
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    Best Wishes for a rewarding career. God Bless you.

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    i got my eligibility from state board of nursing of new mexico how can i get the result of my nclex exam??? some say i can visit the web which i can see the result but i don't what website it is?? can you help me the ways congrats to you tarika!! hope i pass too
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    This is a ouple of years old. the state participates in quick results then you can get your unoffical results from pearsonvue 48 hours after sitting the exam, another option is name on the BON website, if the state does not participate in quick results it is a case of wait for name on website or letter through snail mail. Be aware some states will not issue license without SSN therefore will not post name on website