restesting after school is shut down

  1. Hopefully someone can give me some advice or point me in the right direction. I graduated from lvn school back in 2012 I tested back then failed the exam decided I wasn't gonna test again due to me being discouraged. Years later I decided I wanted to test again, here's the problem I have to apply to take the nclex all over again which means I have to get the school to sign and send over my information, but the school is closed. I am unable to get my transcript.. I contacted the owner of the school who is basically holding my transcript hostage until I pay $4700. Is there any way possible I can go around this option?
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  3. by   vanilla bean
    Pay $4700 for what? Did you still owe them tuition money?
  4. by   meanmaryjean
    The BON is usually the repository of records for closed down schools.
  5. by   Mcgee86
    They said it was for books and things I'm considering just paying to go back to school and that amount is only 3,500
  6. by   Mcgee86
    They don't have them I already looked into it..he's still in possession of those records
  7. by   nalie2
    You said it was for books and things, but does that mean you owed them money? If so, then I can see why they won't give you transcripts until you pay it.
  8. by   Injection
    What school was it?
  9. by   meanmaryjean
    Let the Board of Nursing know about this. Also the Attorney General in your state. That should get you some attention- as you didn't seem to 'owe' this money before they let you test the first time, right?