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I am taking the NCLEX in MI next week. Do I pay for the quick results or just try the pearson trick? How long do I have to wait to do either?... Read More

  1. by   shay24
    good for you futurenurse35 im happy you passed. im praying for the same results tomorrow. i'll see if this trick works for myself.
  2. by   Meriwhen
    Quote from whippoorwill
    I am taking the NCLEX in MI next week. Do I pay for the quick results or just try the pearson trick? How long do I have to wait to do either?
    The Peason Trick will probably put you at ease--or soften the blow--until the Quick Results come in. Since it costs nothing to do and seems to work for most people, I'd go ahead and try it.

    You should be able to do it the same day as you test--check out that large thread for the details. But in all honesty, I wouldn't start planning celebrations based on what the Pearson Trick tells you--there's always that very slim chance that it could be wrong.

    As far as whether to get Quick Results...I'd guess that would depend on how fast your state BON is at getting results out. If you don't want to wait a long time, then get them. My state doesn't participate in the Quick Results, but my state BON will usually have the results for you by the next business day so it all works out here.
  3. by   cmpelleg
    I feel like I am missing out on something....I take the boards next week and definitely would like to know what this 'trick' is...if it helps me know if I passed faster I'm all for it
  4. by   lilygrl2468
    If you are from Michigan, the state is pretty good at posting your license once you pass. Here is the link to look up yours. . . .http://www.dleg.state.mi.us/free/
  5. by   oguesswhat
    I am doing both! I did Pearson trick already which said I am good to go...and then if it is not posted on MI website by tomorrow I am paying the $8 for the quick results!
  6. by   michelle02
    Quote from shay24
    i took nclex-rn july 6th @ 2:30 p.m. i had 86 questions. a lot of priority, sata, no dosage, a few maternity and peds questions, and i drag and drop alternative format. i felt so dumb after i left the testing center because i felt like i guessed at a lot of the questions. i felt like they were hard. i did the infamous pearson trick two hours later and couldnt get to the cc page, i did it again today and still got the pop-up. guess thats a good sign. i'm a little skeptical about believing it bcause i read a few posts where people said they couldnt get to the cc page and still failed. i shall see tomorrow

    who said that they couldn't get to the cc page and still failed??? because i am super down right now, i just took my exam for the 3rd time today, and i tried the trick, it let's me go to the cc page, and i am super depressed for the 3rd time because it means that i failed ... i don't think i can recover this time ... huhuhuhu
  7. by   shay24
    dont remember the exact person. i read so many posts that i cant remember where i read it. but i remember it being in red letters saying the trick didnt work because they couldnt get to the cc page and still failed i read 2 posts like that
  8. by   J.GoodRN
    like to say the pearson trick worked for me.. I am an RN!!!!! took my test on july 15th, just got my "pass" on pearson website.... thanks for whoever started these threads about this trick!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   cleona
    hi..am stressed with this pearson trick.just want to know if you know someone,or anyone here who went through the payment to your pearson account,in doing this pearson trick..but passed?
  10. by   lilygrl2468
    No, unfortunately when I failed the first time I got to the payment page, then found out I failed. Sorry, don't stress to much until you get the official results.
  11. by   chicksmom
    Ok, the first time i took the test, I tried the pearson trick, and it let me register again, and the credit card portion showed up, I was devistated, I indeed failed my first time. I got the letter in the mail within 3 days of taking the test. The second time I took it, 2 days ago, I immediately came home and tried it, and It would not let me reschedule. I found out yesterday morning I Indeed PASSED!!!! So I believe that the trick works! It gives peace of mind to those of us who's lives depend on knowing the results of this test, such as for me, I needed to pass this or I would lose my job, because my place of employment only lets you take it 2 times, if you fail twice, your out. Luckily, I only had 75 questions, and I passed this time!!!! Hope this helps!
  12. by   cleona
    am still hoping though that i passed that exam..it was like a torture when i took the exam..i ended at 265.the maximum items..and finished in 5 hours..i have lots of computations,and drugs,SATA and dragging..i also took my cgfns a week before i took the nclex exam..

    am really praying and hoping for a miracle..for both my cgfns and nclex..

    hope your with me guys..

    anyway..i'll keep you posted though.

    whatever the result may be..

    thanks a lot.
  13. by   dangnano22
    the trick is 100% accurate,I passed the NCLEX !!