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  1. Hello everyone! I jut wanted some opinions on the pvt trick and how it's properly done, I took my NCLEX-pn exactly 9 days ago today my exam stopped at 162! I left feeling like a straight failure. I was told my some classmates about a pvt trick but I had been too scared to try the pvt trick. So after a few hours of debating whether or not to do it, the curiousity was killing me so I went on and tried the pvt trick but I entered the wrong cvc code and got the "bad pop up" it said my card was declined due to the wrong cvc code is that still the "bad pop up"? I'm also in California so unfortunately it takes about 4-6 weeks to receive a result confirmation letter but the stress of finding out if I passed or not is killing me I would really want to k ow so I could either retake it ASAP or start orientation at work as well and be at peace with the results. Help please!!!
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  3. by   dianah
    Look through the threads in this NCLEX forum, I am sure you will find others with similar experience and with advice to pass on.
    I hope you can sort through this, and that you find out you passed
  4. by   Double-Helix
    You cannot use an invalid card when attempting the PVT.
  5. by   Norcalluna
    Thank you so much ! Still no letter I really hope I passed so far all my classmates have passed and many admitted to just guessing since it was a pretty weird exam lol so I'm hoping I passed I actually knew more than half of the questions lol also many of my classmates did the pvt trick and they all got the good pop up and passed?
  6. by   Norcalluna
    I will attempt with any real card but now I'm scared to get the real bad pop up but thank you
  7. by   NurseDHarris
    Use a gift card...I used a $50 MasterCard for mines and it gave me the good pop up
  8. by   CDaNurse
    I was wondering if you got the results back? I took mine on the 10th of April. My state has a quick result after 48 hours and I'm nervous as heck.
  9. by   Norcalluna
    Unfortunately I still haven't received my results yet I'm in California so I heard it takes forever!! But most of my classmates have received their results within a week from taking their NCLEX except for me and one other girl in my class and she said she got the good pop up?
  10. by   whywait
    One of my friend took his in pasadena and held his results for almost 3 weeks. He had to wait until the processing time for results on the BRN website to be up to date before the board would do anything. Within a few hours after talking to the BRN it was released.
  11. by   JOSH12141980
    Hey I tried the pvt trick after may exam last April 10 it showed me a good pop out after 2days I availed the quick count and I pass...still working the pvt trick here
  12. by   Norcalluna
    What did your friend do or ask to get her Ben released or updated?
  13. by   hopefulRN'17
    If you plan on retaking it if you don't pass, then I suggest you enter all the correct information (if you have the funds to do so) that way you will have paid should it be that you did not pass.

    Best of luck!
  14. by   Mahnatik
    Just wanted to give an update that PVT works and just to help those people how are studying for NCLEX or waiting for results!! Did my NCLEX in NY in April 2018, did PVT 6 hours after - good pop up. I got my license number on state website 2 business day after I took it!!! Idk what happened and how i got it so fast😱 But those 48 hours was hell as I was sure I failed... I came out of the test center totally crushed and empty headed. I did UWorld twice, in both assessments after got a very high chance. Was very confident going in and then when questions didn't stop coming after 75, I literally started to doubt myself... when it was past 100 questions, i got devastated 😞 literally questions were coming from every where🤦🏼*♀️, got 2 questions on biological weapons lol, bunch of home health care, not a single med math, at least 50 SATA... I remember one pharm question, all 4 meds in the answer options were not familiar to me!! The endings were not helpful as well.My ECGs were also far more difficult then UWorld. My advice to anyone taking soon: please make sure you never rely on one source for rationales, review the weak spots. And if the questions keep coming, don't panic, don't give up, it is very hard mentally yes but I think the exam is made this way to challenge you🙂 I am glad it's over, still cannot believe ! Good luck to everyone 🙌