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  1. Norcalluna

    NCLEX PN Breeze account changes.

    Hello! Any news yet on your results? I took my nclex-pn on 1/22/2019 I keep getting the good pop up but nothing on breeze about initial license I still have the same drop down menu as you ... so I’m so confused I also called last week and got the same response that they allegedly don’t mails nothing but that’s not true this is my third time taking this nclex and that’s not what was said to me the last times I called from the two previous exams...
  2. Norcalluna


    I also live in California and I just took my nclex-pn on 1/22/19 and I keep getting the ‘good pop up’ but nothing on breeze yet it’s my third time taking it and the first time I get the ‘good pop up’ so I’m going crazy over here stressed out and hopeful but I did go on our states Board of nursing and it says they are currently working on week of Jan. 7th so idk if I would be considered a ‘re-take’ or just nclex-pn results waiting list to get reviewed can anyone help? I also checked breeze and it still gives me the same four options no initial licenses payment yet
  3. Hello everyone I just took my nclex-pn in January 22, 2019 for the third time & after getting the ‘bad pop up’ twice! I finally got the ‘good pop up’ I waited the 24 hour mark after taking the exam to do the trick and tried it again 48 hours later and STILL the ‘good pop up’ so I’m truly hoping I finally kicked the nclex’s butt!! Lol it’s been almost three days since I took it and my breeze account still hasn’t updated so I could be able to pay for the initial license? I am in California & ive heard about how slow the bon is out here.... has anyone else been in the same situation? Help please!!
  4. Norcalluna

    Taking NCLEX tomorrow - July 2018

    how can i get to the nclex forum?
  5. Norcalluna

    Just took the nclex, damn was it hard?

    I also took my NCLEX-Pn a week ago July 5th & still no letter (I live in CA) I called the board of nursing to see if they mailed out my results letter and she said they haven't mailed it yet! Making my anxiety even worse so I asked her in case that I failed if I can register to retake exam again thru her or online and she told me not to do it In case I "passed" there's no refund? Any thoughts/advice anyone?
  6. Norcalluna

    Bad popup 2018 need advise!!

    I'm sure you passed dear you got the good pop up best wishes for you and let me know if you passed
  7. Norcalluna

    Bad popup 2018 need advise!!

    Thank you so much for your advise will definitely follow it and I still haven't received a letter tried the pvt trick again but bad pop up once again so most likely I failed I'm so disappointed in my self since it's my second time
  8. Norcalluna

    Bad popup 2018 need advise!!

    Thank you so much I felt so alone on this ans I studied so hard as well hardly slept! I'm praying so hard that I passed and trying my best to be positive I'm going to pray for you too don't cry I know it's hard not to but what can we do if we fail just hit the books again and not give up! Ans likewise if you need anything feel free to pm me as well I only studied my labs & did Uworld and I had a very high chance of passing according to the assessment test in my Qbank I had a 64% score so who knows hopefully I get a letter this Thursday
  9. Norcalluna

    nclex-pn pvt trick

    thank you how do i see the forum?
  10. Norcalluna

    Bad popup 2018 need advise!!

    im so sorry to hear that i retook my nclex-pn for the second time & i actually felt extremely positive i prayed before, during, & after, after i went up to 205! so i was kinda spooked, i got a ton of sata, uap delegations, pud, dvt, prioritization, few med questions about 8 drag questions etc. mixed around some questions were really easy i felt the more excited/positive i have ever felt until i decided to try this darn pvt trick and i entered a valid card with a $0.00 balance on it & to my luck i got the "bad pop up" I'm for california so unfortunately we don't have quick results but i can't hep but to feel so devastated i let my children down once more i also never put myself out there and have posted for advice and i get views and no one willing to help I'm in the same boat but we should keep our heads up and pray and continue to be positive only god knows why we didn't pass this time but i wish you the best of luck and i bet you will kick the nclex's butt next time dear
  11. Norcalluna

    Failed nclex pn twice ... need advice!

    hi i just took my nclex-pn for the second time i felt really positive i went up to 205! but i got a lot of SATA!!! prioritization, & about 10 drag, uap delegations & a lot of lab questions, oh and a lot of PUD & DVT questions few medication questions as well, but long story short i couldn't take the excitement/curiosity so i did the PVT trick using my unemployment card that has a $0.00 balance & unfortunately i got the "bad pop up" i tony know if maybe i tried it too soon or what? i feel like crap i studied way more than the first time i don't know how else to study I'm so devastated once more but i still have faith that one day i will pass just leaving it to god but i just can't help but to feel discouraged..... does anyone have any advice/study tips?
  12. Norcalluna

    nclex-pn pvt trick

    hello everyone i just took my nclex-pn for a second time about 6 1/2 hours ago here in california and i actually felt pretty good/positive about it but I'm just terrified to try the pot trick.... has anyone had a situation with the pvt trick where it gives you a good pop up/bad pop up and it changes to the opposite the next day you check it? is there a certain amount of hours i should wait to try the trick? it takes forever to get your results here in california since my state doesn't participate in quick results....
  13. Norcalluna

    Uworld percentage

    hello everyone i take my nclex-pn in 3 days and my percentage on Uworld is =57th% rank for question bank & high chance on self assessment test 68% I'm extremely nervous as this will be my second time taking it
  14. Norcalluna

    2nd time nclex take

    hello everyone i will be taking my nclex pn for the second time on july 5th, 2018 I'm so nervous because I'm scared of failing again..... but although I'm super scared i feel way more positive this time and have been studying more than i did the first time----way more lol. I have been using Uworld and I'm in love with the rationales even learned new things they never mentioned at school but any who I'm in the 64th% tile and i feel nervous about it i took my assessment test that is included with the subscription and i got a "high" percent of passing the nclex. Does anyone know if that really works ? i want to get a higher percentage but as of now I'm just trying different study methods to remember my labs which i have half of them down as before i knew 0% of them.... any tips for nclex-pn or lab values anyone ? i will greatly appreciate it .
  15. Norcalluna

    California NCLEX VN. Waiting for results...

    me too ! Is it 45 days from the test date or from the letter date?