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  1. by   rnviktoriya88
    took my exam on aug 3rd, had 82 questions, lots of SATA, infection control, and meds that ive never heard of, i cried on my way home because i studied so hard and felt like i knew nothing...heard of the trick and tried it as soon as it said "delivery successful" and got the good pop-up...jus checked my unofficial results and PASSED! Thanks to the PVT i was able to keep my sanity for the last few days. :-)
  2. by   madeleine1
    ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I love this site...Took nclex today 75q , tons of SATA, feel like i failed and guessed on all of them, did the trick and got the good pop up, sooo freaked out as anyone here gotten the good pop up and failed????
  3. by   WhitneyRN
    So, after reading on this site throughout nursing school, This is my first post!! I was the biggest skeptic about this "trick" working, but now I am a firm believer!! I walked out of that test thinking there was possibly no way that I passed. Out of 80 questions, I probably knew I answered 1 correctly!! What a horrible two days, and reading tons of post about this pearsonvue trick is the only thing that has kept me sane!! I checked today on BON and I have a license number!! The trick does work, at least it did for me!!! So excited! Going to celebrate and good luck to everyone waiting on results. Just know that if you got the "good pop-up" it is indeed a gooooood sign!! Finally Whitney,RN
  4. by   seegood
    7 of us from my class did the trick and it worked for us all! We passed!
  5. by   goodstudentnowRN
    Quote from Zepphers
    People, my test ended in 85 for the nclex-pn. I felt somewhat confident, but got the "bad" pop up. I cried for two days. I cried for NOOOOOO reason! I checked my quick results today and passed. Take my advice and don't rely on a stupid computer pop up. Just wait for the accurate quick results.
    I do not believe you....You seem to be a fake person who comes here to instill negative vibes in students' minds. The PVT trick is 100% real!!!!!!
  6. by   goodstudentnowRN
    Quote from butterfly3238
    I took my exam yesterday Aug 3 for the second time. The first time I heard about the trick and several of my classmates had done it recieved the"good pop up" and they passed. I came home 2hrs after taking it the first time and seen my status said delivery successful and I tried to re-register and it took me to the cc page and I did indeed fail. I took it the second time came home again 2hrs later and my status said ready to be delivered... my status stayed that way til today(aug 4th) at 9am. Then my status said delivery successful I tried to re register and I got the "good pop up". I kept checkin off and on from 9am til 1pm. Went shopping with my daughter came home and at 7pm I checked again and it let me re- register and took my credit card! So now I am all confused! Why did it do this??? For 5hrs straight after it said successful delivery and gave me the "good pop up" and now I was able to re- register?
    Why is it that people who said that the PVT does not work only have one one post here? hmmmmm...I smell a rat!!!
  7. by   mindylou
  8. by   Manaro
    Got my NCLEX yesterday. I have no ideea how many question. Last one I looked at was 81. Shortly after the computer shut down. I am sick to my stomach. I slept couple hours last night. Got the "good pop-up" and i am praying is working. Another day to wait.
  9. by   blessed1984
    The trick works!! It worked for all my classmates! Have faith in the trick..Survivor of 265 questions on Moday 8/2 walked out of there crying and totally thought there was no way, gave it a shot and got the good popup and found out today at 8/5 130 AM I am a RN!!! Pearsonvue trick is 100% accurate!! Thank you pearsonvue for helping with the nerves for the past 2.5 days
  10. by   Manaro
    The trick works. I am officially an RN!
  11. by   DebanamRN
    I took the NCLEX RN today and it shut off at 75. I got the good popup. I'm sure I have really passed, as I have studied so much I could regurgitate NCLEX questions lol. I felt good going in and comming out, just as I did with the NCLEX PN, which I passed at 85. Still just as nerve racking now as then. Did a lot of positive reinforcement exercises.

    I find it interesting that everyone who posted that this doesn't work only has made 1 or a few posts. I think we have lurkers throwing stinkbombs. I also think if people have nothing better to do than cause trouble, they need to get a job and a life.

    Congrats to all who have passed!
  12. by   mcaselogic
    Hi all!

    Took my NCLEX-RN today and this the trick. HOPEFULLY, it is true! Mine stopped at 75. Totally freaked out when it shut off on me, but I knew I did the best I could. Right now, I am a nervous wreck! So anxious to know already!

    Will post if I passed or not
  13. by   KristinBo
    I posted yesterday about taking the NCLEX PN a few days ago and waiting for my "quick results". I did the PVT and I got the "good pop up". I looked at my quick results today and I PASSED!! The trick works! Congrats to everyone else who passed and good luck to all who's waiting to find out!