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  1. by   fallinnstyle
    Took NCLEX-RN 7/10/2010...
    Got good pop up 2hrs later.
    Had to wait till today...but I finally found out that I am fallinnstyle RN....yippee!!!
  2. by   ltakw2009
    So I'm still getting the "good pop up" but my question is if I tested on Thursday will my results be ready tomorrow (Sat) or not until Monday?! I am going nuts!
  3. by   Good2banRN
    First of all, let me tell you that I became a believer this morning! Pearson vue glitch does work!!! I didn't think I did well on my NCLEX-RN on tue! I had 75 questions, a couple of SATA and some questions I considered "easy". I came home feeling sick to my stomach and defeated. I heard of this trick a few days before taking the exam and decided to try it as soon as I got home. I checked it out and the good pop up came up! I thought, "OK, maybe it's too soon to check". So I checked it again several times that night (since my exam was scheduled for 3pm). Again the next day, a couple to times. I prayed that this was truly real. But think about it. Why would they really block you out if they can quickly get you to reregister and make their quick buck??
    I tried it several times until the night before my results. Sure enough early at 3am, I got a call from my sister (who's also an RN). She said the magic words I was dying for three days to hear "YOU PASSED, YOU Passed!!!!". I jumped off the cough so fast (since I had insomnia and been unable to sleep in my own bed for the past three days) and made a call to my parents out of state that very hour! I woke the whole world up! I am so excited to be an RN FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the trick worked for me. I'm a living testimony! If it lets you reregister, just wait and see. But if you get the "good pop up", chances are you passed!!!! IT's been the same for all of the students in my class so far! Everyone of them got the good pop up and passed!!!
  4. by   Good2banRN
    Chances are you passed! Read my post!!! I'm a believer!!! Depending on what state you're in, you'll get your results by monday for sure!
  5. by   LIoyd
    Awesome! Congratulations on passing the NCLEX! You're finally there! Yay!
  6. by   nevaeh8
    I have been reading these posts all day long. I have also went through the registration at pearson vue like five times. Get the good pop every time which is reassuring, however I feel like lots of 77 questions and felt like I was gonna puke on the drive home. I cried to my husband yesterday because I was sure that I failed. Just have to say please please let the good pop be right!!! I can check quick results tomorrow. Is anyone else in Colorado? Checked the BON and no license # just says pending test result. Still freaking out a little!!
  7. by   luckyluv05
    I came home from my test today and the good popup.....was so excited. now i come back a few hours later and am going to the credit card page. what is going on???? now i am freaking out soooo bad! help!
  8. by   bsp212
    PVT worked for me in Louisiana. Took the NCLEX yesterday at 0800, 75 questions and it shut off. Tried the PVT at about 1400 yesterday and got the good pop up. Checked BON website today at 1300 and my license was active.
  9. by   Indolent
    Quote from luckyluv05
    I came home from my test today and the good popup.....was so excited. now i come back a few hours later and am going to the credit card page. what is going on???? now i am freaking out soooo bad! help!
    That's odd, I'm not saying you didn't but are you sure you had the exact words of the "good pop up" I remember when I first did trick it said something along the lines of it's on hold, I forget, and the last half of the pop up was similar to the good pop up saying something can not be created at this time, at that time I figured they were still reviewing/grading my test, then a minute later it changed to the exact words from the "good pop up"
  10. by   NewYorkNYGirl
    As much as I have read through this entire post and PVT stands true for everyone....I am still sooo nervous. I did all 265 questions on Thursday, and just like everyone else....felt absolutely miserable. I have been checking the Pearson website nonstop to make sure it doesn't change, and I am still getting the good pop up. I find out tomorrow morning if PVT is true for me. AHhhh such a dreadful wait and I hope it will tell me I passed!!!
  11. by   LIoyd
    Quote from luckyluv05
    I came home from my test today and the good popup.....was so excited. now i come back a few hours later and am going to the credit card page. what is going on???? now i am freaking out soooo bad! help!
    Luckyluv.... you were suppose to wait for the thing to say "delivery successful" before you can proceed with the Pearson Vue trick. If you do the trick wayyyyyyy tooo early (within the first 12 hours after the NCLEX exam) then you will get a pop-up.... thats not the GOOD POP UP... there is a difference.

    *tip for future Pearson Vue Trickers* ---WAIT for the "Delivery Successful" on the "activity page" of your Pearson Vue account before doing this trick. That way you can really find out if u passed or not. Sorry to hear that LuckyLuv. Best of luck to you!
  12. by   rshenry
    I tested on a Friday and didn't expect to be able to bet my early results until the following Tuesday. I got the good pop within a few hours of the finishing the test. On Sunday at 2pm I was able to get my early results. It was a PASS!
  13. by   happafly73
    This is for eveyone out there that got 265 question and was devastated!! I took the NCLEX RN for the second time on Wednesday. Both time I got 265 questions and spent 5 hours! I was so upset that I started searching threads and found the PVT thread. I tried it yesterday, got the good pop up and started having HOPE! Today after 49 hours of waiting, I did the Quick Result and found out I passed!! The PVT worked for me. I was 110% sure I failed! I thanked God literally! I have not read anywhere that someone got the good pop up and failed. I have read that if you try to re-register right after the exam you get this pop up: The candidate currently has test results that ar on hold. A new registration can not be created at this time. This does not mean you have passed or failed. You just got to give it another hour or so. You need this pop up: Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact you Member Board for further assistance. Another registration can not be made at this time. This means you PASSED! If you go to the cc page, then you failed. Congrats to those of you who passed! For those of you who didn't, don't give up HOPE! I know how you feel!