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  1. by   HappyMeNow
  2. by   HappyMeNow
    Quote from BigKev414
    I took my exam yesterday 8/16 and when I logged on I got the "good" pop up, when I went home and did it again I got the "good" pop up. However, today while I was at work I logged on and got the "BAD" pop up. Does anyone know of anyone that has happened to before??? I am dieing!! Please let me know. TY
    I think you might have originally read the good pop up wrong. Not all pop ups that stop you from registering are the same, it has to have said exactly the same as the first page of this thread did. Do you remember what your original good pop up read?
  3. by   swj6187
    i took my PN exam for the second time this morning in NY at 8 am.. i got the "good" message "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time". when i took it the first time my registration went straight to the credit card info, and i failed.. I am so happy!! i had 96 questions and thought this test was way harder than my first exam i left the testing center in tears! Can't believe I passed!
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    When you did it at home did it say "results delivered" before you tried it? (If not the trick won't work)? did the good pop up say "OUR RECORDS INDICATE THAT YOU HAVE RECENTLY SCHEDULED THIS EXAM. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR MEMBER BOARD FOR FURTHER ASSISTANCE. ANOTHER REGISTRATION CANNOT BE MADE AT THIS TIME" anything other than that specific message is not the "good pop up"

    Are you sure you selected the same test (NCLEX-PN if you took NCLEX-PN)? If you took PN and accidentally clicked RN to try and register it WILL go to the credit card page.
  5. by   JBRN83
    I can attest. I took Nclex @ 8am this morning. Got home, took a nap, did laundry, ect. Just to stall a while and finally got enough courage to do the trick by 5. Luckily I got the good pop up
  6. by   Mitsy11168
    I took the Nclex-PN today and don't feel good about it at all. I only completed 85 questions and it turned off. I wanted to die! I got the "good" pop-up though so I guess I'll know if it's right in 48 hours. Oh I hope so.
  7. by   ValDonovan
    IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!! I Passed!!!!!
    OMG!!! Still can't believe it!!!
    Not gonna' lie, I was skeptical of this trick!! And my hubby was convinced it would not work. BUT IT DID!!!

    I got the good pop-up, and the next day was able to verify my exam on the FL DOH website and yesterday my license number was listed!!!!!!

    I am officially an LPN now!!!!

    Val LPN!!!
  8. by   roller coaster ride
    did you try the pvt again? dont get discouraged just yet...also does the registration page state delivery successful?
  9. by   savinglives33
    Okay!!! I am being a skeptic! I just took the NCLEX today... They said the results wouldn't be done till monday due to it being a weekend. So I followed the steps and did the trick.. I received the good pop up which makes me so excited, however I just want to be sure. When going under "current activity" in my profile it does say status: deliever successful, but at the bottom it also says "your exam results are not available at this time." So could I be having false hope, or does everyones current activity say that even when they get the good pop up?
  10. by   *LadyJane*
    "your exam results are not available at this time" = Pay us some more money and we'll tell you now whether you passed or failed.

    The only way to find out is if you get the good pop up, or it takes you to the credit card page.

    ps. When I went to test, I told ALL the students waiting to take the RN exam about the pearsonvue trick.

    a haaaaa!

    nurse jane
  11. by   BigKev414
    OK, so yes I did double check all the "correct" pop ups and made sure that everything was right. I got 2 "good" pop ups the day of the exam with delivery successful and the following day I got the bad pop up. Got my results 48 hrs later, NO BUENO!!! I have re-scheduled already and I started to study again. Is it possible I did something wrong when looking for the "good" pop up? Yes, but I dont believe I did. I followed the directions to the "T". Congrats to all of you and good luck to the rest.
  12. by   savinglives33
    So the good and bad pop up work reliably even when my account says "my results arent ready?" I can do the steps of trying to reregister and it gives me the good pop up, which i am assuming is the right thing since if my results were ready then i could just look on the BON website for my state. I just want to make sure I am not getting my hopes up!
  13. by   pitxurri19
    OMG, i passed!!!! PVT worked!!!