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nclexRNtaker has 1 years experience and specializes in Telemetry.

May 2011 ADN grad

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  1. 2011 Graduates Put your hands up

    I finished in May, passed the the NCLEX July 20th, and will work starting the 8th. Yey, I will actually be a nurse now:dncgbby: I feel like the last 2 years was all about passing the boards. It's been grueling but VERY rewarding.

    I really think that it depends with each facility. The hospital that hired me doesn't take the "license pending" letter anymore unlike some people in my class who got hired with it. Goooooo take the NCLEX and be done with it. One thing at a time. Bes...
  3. Illinois Schools NCLEX pass rates 2006 - 2010

    Very interesting. I've been interested with these statistics for quite some time now. Nice to see my grueling ADN program in the burbs topping the passing rates for most schools. Yey! At least we didn't get tortured for nothing.
  4. September NCLEX-RN test taker

    I'm a foreigner too but completed my nursing program here. I'm such an advocate for Kaplan. Kaplan all throughout was what worked for me.I read the book twice, did all of the qtrainers (60-75%) and qbank (66% overalll). I passed the first time with 7...
  5. Pearson Vue 48 Hr Quick Results????

    Took mine at 7.30 AM on a Monday (was scheduled at 8 AM) and found out via Pearson at 8 AM on Wednesday that I passed. Good luck.
  6. Need study help for repeat nclex-rn taker

    I'm sorry to hear that. Don't lose hope. I thought the Kaplan book that they gave us in class was really helpful in reviewing the content. As far as practice, I just used all of the Kaplan qbank&qtrainers. You can do it. Familiarize yourself over...
  7. My NCLEX experience!! :)

    Congratulations, RN:dancgrp: I like reading stories like this as it gives the others hope that they can pass too! Now go be a nurse:D
  8. took nclex today 7/25 and got the good pop up...

    The PVT worked for me so I'm positive it'll work for you too. You just have to hang in there this next 2 days. Wine helps.
  9. I Passed The NCLEX For The Third Time And You Can Too!!!

    Congratulations. Its been a long road for you. You deserve this. RN.:dncgbby:
  10. New RN' you have a job ?

    Graduated last May and took the boards mid-July. Was very scared coz I didn't know anyone who could get me in, but my friend had friend who got us both jobs. Feel very blessed to have gotten a job in the same week that I passed my boards. My stars ar...
  11. Pearson Vue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    Took it Monday at 8 AM. 75 questions with 25 SATA, 3 math, 1 ekg strip, tons of meds+priority. Got the good pop up 10 minutes after the test. That, plus some heavy drinking held me through the 48 hours:D Believe people. IT WORKS. I passed this mornin...
  12. Thoughts from a Kaplan user&NCLEX-RN passer...

    Actually, I was being modest with 6 hours a day. My last week I was up to 10:eek:. My friends scold me for being too OCD, but it's how I got through our program and all the tests I've taken passing the first time. With your credentials, it sounds lik...
  13. Thoughts from a Kaplan user&NCLEX-RN passer...

    You're welcome. I've benefited a lot from the posts here so I thought I'd do my part. You can do it. Kaplan does work. Believe.
  14. JULY NCLEX-ers!!

    Please see my post "Thoughts from a Kaplan user and NCLEX-RN passer..."
  15. JULY NCLEX-ers!!

    I found out this morning that I passed:dncgbby: It's been a long road. Thank you for all the very informative posts here.