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  1. by   Army68WM6
    I took the NCLEX-PN this past Friday. The screen of death appeared after 85 questions. I planned to try the PVT immediately after, so as soon as I stepped out of the testing center, I took out my laptop and tried the "trick." I had to try a few times, waiting for the testing center to deliver my test results to the Texas BON. I was relieved to get the "good" popup but I still spent most of the next 48 hours reading posts on various PVT-related message boards. On Sunday morning, I logged on to the Pearson VUE site, paid the fee, and learned that I passed. I'm still not sure if this confirms the PVT. I don't know anyone personally who was sent straight to the CC page after attempting to re-register for another NCLEX-PN. Nor do I know anyone who got the "good" popup and then failed the NCLEX-PN. So, in my experience, no false positives nor false negatives. And so far, I don't know anyone in my class who failed the NCLEX-PN. I was a nervous wreck though, even after trying the PVT. While taking the test, I didn't feel as if I was thinking very critically. I felt like I was on auto-pilot, answering what seemed like an endless stream of SATA questions. I read somewhere that if you got more than 1 dosage calculation, then you probably failed. I got 4. I also tried checking the Texas BON site if my GVN permit hadn't been revoked, a sign of failure according to some. My GVN permit was still current but then again, a GVN permit is also revoked after you pass the NCLEX-PN. Anyway, the "good" popup still calmed me a little though. And I think that if the PVT really does work, Pearson VUE never bothered to fix the "glitch" to calm the nerves of test takers. In any case, getting the "good" popup won't stop anyone from coughing up the cash for the unofficial results: A win-win situation for Pearson VUE.
  2. by   toto_
    I'm from Philippines and got my nursing degree in 2007. I took my NCLEX-RN here in California last July 21, 8am. My exam was stopped around 150 questions, I'm not sure because I was already in panic mode. I keep thinking there's no way I could have made it since I did a lot of guessing on SATA, prioritization, and drugs that I couldn't even recall. Worst is that I got repeating questions on a particular subject that I don't know.

    I expected the questions to be hard but the actual questions dropped like a bomb, it's really is a sinking feeling that you have to make a choice and couldn't be sure about it. I prepared for the exam for 3 months using only the sample questions in the accompanying CD of Saunders Comprehensive Review, but have not read the book itself. It's a BIG MISTAKE. I felt so frustrated and guilty that I could have been more prepared if I have studied the book.

    I discovered about the trick that midnight and got a good pop up. PVT is the only thing that keeps my hopes high while waiting for the result for 4 to 6 weeks.
  3. by   lia_n
    Hey I took the exam on 18th. I thought i did well. It shut down at 75 q's. I had registered from India. and took my exam in CA. PVT did not work. Sadly, really dissapointed at the moment. Feel's horrible. I just hope i can stay strong through another drift of struggle to get through it. Oh just too much grief.
  4. by   toto_
    Quote from lia_n
    Hey I took the exam on 18th. I thought i did well. It shut down at 75 q's. I had registered from India. and took my exam in CA. PVT did not work. Sadly, really dissapointed at the moment. Feel's horrible. I just hope i can stay strong through another drift of struggle to get through it. Oh just too much grief.
    You actually mean that you got a bad pop up?

    It's really horrible to sit in that room again, but you have the advantage already than sitting for the first time because you now know how it is. So keep it up.
  5. by   madisona1
    To ALL of you who are second guessing the PVT,, It works, I have taken my RN exam 3 x now and everytime straight to the cc: page. It works cause Pearsonvue will not let you pay for the test again if you are already an RN!! Hope I have the good pop up next time
  6. by   lia_n
    Wished i got through. Honestly, all those who kept saying that they were assured they failed and got thorugh anyway, wished i was in that slot. but this cc page thing is real trauma. Feeling really weak at the moment. It's hasn't been easy, and it's really hard for it to sync into me. May be others are going though much worse scenario's but this is a tuff one.
  7. by   Jennn352
    I took the test this morning and felt a little defeated. But I got the good pop up and will let you all know if it worked for me or not. To the person asking about getting past 75 questions... I never once looked at the number of questions. That would have increased my anxiety to a panic level! I honestly dont know how many questions. It took me about 50 minutes... Don't look at the number ! Just worry about the white screen. Passed or not, I was not worried during the test. And it DOESN'T matter how many questions you get!!!!!!!!

    Good luck to all!!!
  8. by   toto_
    Then it really means that I made it!

    Thanks Saunders for making it through the first time. You're my best friend these past 3 months.

    Thanks madisona1 and others for your posts. It makes us believe in our self again. Good luck to you!
  9. by   modjelena
    The trick worked for me as well as for a school friend who took NCLEX at the same time. We both got the good pop-up when we got home from the exam and we got the official good news today.
  10. by   toto_
    Congratulations to both of you!
  11. by   yelhsa41
    Like many of you, I studied for countless hours, did thousands of questions... I took my NCLEX yesterday. My test stopped after question #84. Needless to say, I was shaking in my chair when I got to question 75, and was seriously disappointed when it didn't shut off after that question. I definitely thought I failed, which I see is the consensus for almost everyone. I guessed on A LOT. I had a TON of meds, most that I've never even heard of before. I did the NCSBN online review, and the questions are the most similar to the NCLEX that I have seen. Sadly, I don't think that studying THREE times the amount that I did would have prepared me more because I honestly feel like nothing can prepare you for this test. I had mostly priority questions. If I can give any advice, it is to study PRIORITY, DELEGATION, and INFECTION CONTROL.

    Even though I left feeling like I just went through a battle, I got home and checked my computer.. GOT THE GOOD POP UP!! I've checked literally 10 times since, and I am still getting the good pop up. I'm PRAYING this works, because I honestly don't think I have it in me to sit for that test again.

    Good luck to all future NCLEX takers!!!!
  12. by   toto_
    OMG my name is now listed in Ca BON! PVT works!!!

    Good Luck all!!!
  13. by   AZnursingstudent04
    I took the NCLEX yesterday at 0800...felt so bad after leaving! It was definitely, without a doubt, the hardest test I have ever taken! But after weeks of studying (Davis, LaCharity, Hurst), I came home to the good pop-up! And today...the AZBON site says Pass NCLEX-RN. WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! PVT really works!