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  1. by   AViceRN
    It does work a girl in my class stopped at 75 and got the cc page and found out this am she did not pass I stopped at 75 got the "good" pop up and found out I passed! God is great!!
  2. by   geragonz

    I got the "good pop-up" right after I took my nclex in CA.

    I am now a RN!!!! I truly believe in the pearson vue trick a lot of my friends from CA did it as well and they all passed!!

    Good Luck to all who are still waiting for results!!!
  3. by   KateM345
    I just found out that I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The trick works!!!!!!!! God is Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   nnl erRN
    PVT is legit I am living proof it works!!
    I took my boards in CA on the 28th, 75q feeling like I bombed it so many hard q's...SATA, and meds, finished in a little over 1h, then in less than an hour pearson website stated "delivery successful" and I got the ever so wonderful good pop up. It satisfied my anxiety for a bit but I was not for sure certain so 48h later still no name on the BRN site. Come to find out they had not received my transcripts yet. To make a long story short I hand carried and drove my official transcripts from the bay to sac and back myself. 2 days later, as of today I am officially an RN! To those reading this the days after NCLEX are rough, sleepless, and an emotional roller coaster. To ease your mind PVT works, throttle back and know you have done everything possible to make it this far; trust in yourself and everything will work itself out. My journey feels so surreal but it's only the beginning!!
  5. by   JenLynn31
    The suspense is killing me!!!!!!!!!!! It has been almost 48hrs since I completed my test (47hrs and 30min to be exact) and the quick results still say not available. Guess I just continue to wait
  6. by   JenLynn31
    I passed!!!!!!!!!!! The trick worked

    Jennifer RN
  7. by   RNwoohoot
    I'm in Georgia. Took my NCLEX on Friday (July 1st) at 2 p.m. Got cut off at 78 questions. Had 1 drug calc, a lot of medications, 15 SATA, several 'what would you do first', a lot of psychosocial questions. I guess I felt sort of confident when it cut off but kept wondering why in the heck did I keep getting so many SATA.
    Got home around 5:00 and went online to do the Pearsonvue Trick and I got the "good pop up" Keep going on to check GBON for my license but still nothing.
    I'm hoping after my 48 hours, Pearson will have it where I can do early results. Does anybody know if just because it is the weekend AND a holiday weekend, if Pearsonvue still updates results? Can't wait to see if Pearsonvue Trick worked for me
  8. by   JenLynn31
    The quick results is automated. It doesn't matter if it is the weekend, you will still get them. I took my test in Florida on Thursday at 2pm. My quick results became available Saturday about 4pm. The pearson trick worked. I was so nervous to look at my quick results thinking Im gonna be the one glitch in the system it didn't work for, but it did Good luck and keep us posted.
  9. by   RNwoohoot
    Good to know! Thanks so much and I'll post as soon as I know
  10. by   GabbsRN
    I took my test in Florida at 1pm on Friday and I still cannot access my quick results as of yet. I'll try again later today and see what happens. Hopefully I won't have to wait until Wednesday, which is when 2 business days would end up being. I got the good pop up, but I want to tell everyone I passed and I'm waiting until its a little more official until I do so.
  11. by   AViceRN
    You won't have to wait! They don't count weekends- but if you took it at 1pm on Friday Theb your results aren't ready until 1pm today sometimes an hour or so later. They will be available though. I took mine on Thursday an mine were available on Saturday morning good luck
  12. by   RNwoohoot
    Sunraygurl - Rrrr! Nerve racking, isn't it? Hopefully we'll know something soon. Mine are still not there but I took it at 2. Maybe in another hour. Good Luck!!
  13. by   GabbsRN
    Well, I kept checking and just now it was up. I checked, and I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so excited! I'm now officially an RN! Woot!