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  1. Hello, I am interested in a RN position at Crestview Center in Langhorne, Pa on the short stay/progression/cardiac management unit. has anyone ever interviewed there or work for them?? if so how was the interview process?? do you enjoy your job? and...
  2. I am going to interview with a short stay unit at a LTC facility and the recruiter tells me that there are 3 shifts available...3-11pm monday-friday saturday sunday 7a-7p or 7p-7a I dont have any children so that is not an issue and if I pick a wee...
  3. Hi everyone! Long story short I graduated in may 2009 and due to some personal experiences I did not pass my boards till June 2011. I have been looking for my first RN job since June. I have my BLS and ACLS. I am thinking of a RN refresher course. I ...
  4. graduated 2 yrs ago and just now entering nursing. HELP!!!

    I am sort of in the same position as you. I graduated with my ASN in may 2009 I finally passed my boards June 2011 ( had alot of personal things going on after graduation then it took me 4 times to pass the boards). I have been looking for a job sinc...
  5. Hi new grads, I am a new nurse and have been looking for jobs for months now. I finally landed an interview w a LTC facility. Although it's not my first choice I will work wherever to gain some experience so I can eventually work in a hospital. Are m...
  6. So tired of filling out the same application

    I am curious as what do you say when you call hr?? Sounds like a dumb question but I feel like a bother when I call. Looking for a job is so stressful. I feel lost and am sooo sick of filling out online apps. Thanks for any advice
  7. PSA Healthcare interview...advice???

    Hi i am a new RN and have my very first interview. I am from Pennsylvania and was reffered to the PSA Healthcare through a family friend. At first the PSA did not want me because I have no experience but they are going to be starting a new program...
  8. Bachelors in Business to ADN

    I have an associates in nursing and a bachelors in business. I can't even get a nursing job let alone a nurse management job. I suggest getting your BSN just to be able to get a RN job. Good luck
  9. ASN or ADN??????

    Both are an associates degree in nursing and YES you can take the nclex-RN. I just did. Some schools only are diplomas in nursing and you can take the nclex-RN. I suggest you try to get your BSN. Most hospitals prefer that. At least in my area...Phil...
  10. Adding RN Licensure to Resume?

    I agree
  11. Need study help for repeat nclex-rn taker

    I passed the nclex on my 4th time. Saunders worked for me. It helped me alot because it went over content...which I needed. Keep practicing questions and don't give up. Good luck!!
  12. Can anyone suggest a good Nursing Assessment book?? Maybe one that is a pocket guide that I could carry with me on the floor?? Any suggestions will help!!! Thanks
  13. Sub-Acute or Hospital

    I'm in the same position as you in Philadelphia, pa. I say take the job. You will get experience and can continue to look for a hospital position. It's not the greatest but it's experience and that's what hospitals want.
  14. white underwear under white scrub bottoms?

    Your School is dumb. You can see white under white. Flesh colored you can't see under white. So I guess they want your patients to see your underwear. If its such a problem then why would they choose white pants. I guess but granny panties
  15. Why won't anyone hire new graduate nurses??!!?!?

    i also can't find a job. its rough. I dont know about you but relocating is not an option for me. In my mind thats absolutely ridiculous. All everyone is looking for is EXPERIENCE. How the hell can we do that if nobody will give us a chance. Dont giv...