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  1. by   EowynRN
    I passed! woot! and the good popup worked yesterday. Also I got 22/75 SATA - and yes it does matter. The more you get, the higher level question you are answering.
  2. by   RN_Mom_of_2
  3. by   MyUserName,RN
    I took the test yesterday and got the good pop up immediately after my exam...I've done it a couple more times and still getting the good pop up!! Yayyy!!! I can't wait to get the official results so I can feel completely sure!

    About half of my questions it seemed like, were SATA, tons of priority--like what pt to assess first, only one drug calculation, and about 5 drug questions that I have never heard of in my life. No maternity, a few peds, and a few psych.
  4. by   RN_Mom_of_2

    I also got no maternity or pedi questions.. I don't recall any psych questions either.. and only one drug calc.
  5. by   bumblebee2010
    Hey all....

    I just took it 4 hours ago...and was tough!

    I was just wondering about the "good pop up"....i went to pearson view site and it says "Ready for Delivery" under my status....

    when will it change to delivery successful???

    bc someone told me I can't try the good pop up until it says dilvery succesful

    anyone know?

  6. by   lilmith
    Good luck
  7. by   bumblebee2010
    well I'm waiting..for my status to change from "ready for delivery" to delivery successful for the popup trick

    BUT...i already tried the popup trick with my status being ready for delivery...and it said The candidate currently has an open registration for this exam. A new registration cannot be created at this time.

    is that message a good sign? PLEASE any input is great at this point ... i had a billion SATA questions and on top of that some random questions about random topics
  8. by   bumblebee2010
    Can someone tell me if this is good popup

    "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time."

  9. by   mzoptimistic
    what materials did you use? How was the exam? I've read that it indicates you passed. congrats! God Bless! Ill be taking mine next week..
  10. by   mzoptimistic
    what were your materials? GOD BLESS. have faith and be positive!
  11. by   Ashlee_RN
    Well as of 9 am this morning, a grueling 20 hours after the 48 hour mark, my status finally changed from on hold to quick results available.
  12. by   littleweasel
    awesome. congrats!
  13. by   bumblebee2010
    I used Hurst!!! First off I love Marlene Hurst..

    I did the entire review online.

    I dont' feel confident about the was HARD HARD HARD..lotS of SATA questionss.....and priorties....

    Another thing I hated was it really bothered me that we don't know when the computer will stop the questinos...SO I hit 75, and then I was like is still going..

    THENNN..I hit 85...95....and finally I think it cut off around 114, I was caught off guard and my heart dropped..
    I wanted to prove to the NCLEX people that I AM SMART LOL..

    I will find out soon if i passed....thanks for the blessings

    good luck to you...