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  1. Thank you everyone! Great answers! :)
  2. I've had 2 interviews since I've passed NCLEX-RN, but both have been unsuccessful. I received an e-mail the DAY OF my last interview telling me I was not chosen for the position. I hadn't checked my e-mail yet when I called a few days after my interview, and they said they were still interviewing other nurses and had not yet made a decision. Was my interview really that horrible that they decided not to choose me for the position? Would it be wrong to call and (politely) ask if there's any way they could tell me what I'm doing wrong? Or would that make me seem pushy and rude? I personally got a good vibe from the interview, and they told me they hire new RNs and that the floor I was interviewing for was great for gaining experience. I'm totally confused! Help please!!
  3. Hey everyone, I'm looking for the pathophysiology behind the signs and symptoms of UTIs for a careplan. I've looked in all my books and I've looked at a few sites online, but I can't find any that have what I'm looking for. I'm specifically looking for WHY symptoms happen...for example, Why does the urine have a foul odor? Why is there hematuria sometimes? Why does it cause fatigue and cognitive changes in the elderly?....I have basic answers, but I need very specific pathophysiology on them and I can't find it anywhere. Can anyone help? Thanks! :)