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  1. by   lisat380
    yay Congrats to ppl who passed!! OMG that means I should be getting my results today since i took my test March 30th.......anxious anxious anxious :uhoh21::spin: ....yea hope my envolope is thin........... hope i dont faint lols cuz i took the test 5xs please Lord let this PVT be true to me so i could enjoy my trip to Vegas.... no one goes to Vegas moping lmao
  2. by   lisat380
    :grn: .....unfortunately I did not get my official results yet... I guess ill be waiting anothr 24 more hours ... ....
  3. by   1life2live
    @lisat380....from Cali here too and I also took my nclex-pn on the 30th of March and I am still waiting too . I hope I get my official result tomorrow..........

  4. by   1life2live
    It is official! .......I PASSED!!! The PVT really works!!!Best "Trick" ever!!!
  5. by   lisat380
    Hale yeah the PVT works!!!! Thank you Lord! and Thank you to St. Joseph of Cupertino I am a Nurse!!! woohoo!! Btw to any1 out there still preparing I took my test 5xs so don't give up! (i'll post a new thread of how i prepared,etc) but 1st I gotta pack for Vegas!! *wine Have a great weekend everyone and Congrats to all who struggled like me and finally nailed this exam! We did it! We are officially nurses.
  6. by   amyn87
    congrats 1life2live and lisat380!! i take mine for the 3rd time may 3rd (3rd time's a charm right??? lol), wish me luck!! i'm definitely going to try the pearson trick too...if i can work up the nerve haha
  7. by   maisyLPN
    I took the NCLEX-PN today at 10 AM, finished up at 12. It took me 1 1/2 hours to get and another 1 1/2 hours to decide if I wanted to do the trick or not. When I did it I got the good pop up. I've rechecked it every few hours just to make sure it stays the same and it has! I've read almost every single post on here and I am a believer! So I am awaiting the good news! Honestly, I think I'm the type of person who falls into the 0.01% of everything because my life is run by Murphy's law haha! But I'm going to be positive!
  8. by   1life2live
    Thank you amyn87! Yes, 3rd time will be charm for you!!! Just be positive and do your best to stay relaxed!!!
  9. by   Sydney2404
    I took my exam April 29, 2011 at 12 pm in Pasadena am from California I tried the pvt trick after 2 hrs if ma exam . It says delivery successful and when i register again it gave me a good pop up. I have 2 application LVN and rn but I took the rn and I haven't take the LVN yet . Too see if there's a difference with different application untried to registered them both the rn give me good pop up the LVN lead me to cc but the LVN I haven't take the exam yet I hope this mean good sign
  10. by   ann_08RN
    i took my nclex rn last april 28 and it was only this time i tried the pvt. I had a good pop up.. hope this will work for me...
  11. by   maisyLPN
    Just updating! The trick worked for me, I checked my quick results today and I passed! Once I realized my good pop up wasn't going to change, I wasn't worried anymore. I'm so glad I found this trick because without it, I would've been a mess all weekend!!
  12. by   Sydney2404
    AM still getting a good pop up but am so nervous hope I pass waiting killing me
  13. by   Sydney2404
    Does anyOne from Cali who took at April 29