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  1. by   RNmexirican78
    Quote from pinoynarscali
    Congratulations RNmexirican78!!!

    How did you get your result? By mail or through the website?

    I took the test this morning. I was done by 10:00am, went home, waited 2 hours and tried PVT. I got the good pop up. Did I do it too soon or I should have waited until the night time?

    I was wondering if anyone have tried checking the site before the test, would it give them the same pop up?
    I checked as soon as Pearson Vue as soon as I got home. I waited for Pearson Vue to say that the results had been delivered successfully...then I waited 3 business days to check the BON. Where are you located....I am in California. I took my test on a Thursday and found out Tuesday at 2:30 in the morning. Good luck!
  2. by   astroboyRN
    Wow! It is such a relief to know when you pass this test. That's definitely a great accomplishment.

    How did Pearson Vue alerted you that the result have been delivered successfully?

    I'm in California too. San Diego here. I took mine today so hopefully I see my name on Friday if the PVT really works. I'm a bit anxious.
  3. by   RNmexirican78
    When you sign in under activity... it will say when you took it and under status it will say delivery successfull...I was really nervous about if the PVT was true...but apparently it is...I am so happy that I never have to take that test again! Good luck!
  4. by   astroboyRN
    thank you! I tried it and it says delivery successful. Did the whole process again and it gave me the same "good" pop up. i was a bit worried earlier that i probably did it too soon coz i didn't even bother checking the delivery status.
    although majority is saying that PVT works, i'm still nervous until i see my name on the BRN site.

    mine stopped at 99. the proctor told me that he has a good feeling that i passed.

    i can't wait to see the result. i don't want to go through the same stress of studying and sleepless nights.

    thanks again to you and congratulations!!!!
  5. by   boracay beach
    Hi RNMexirican,
    I am so amazed you got your result so soon congratulation, I took my exam on 5th april but have not received my result yet I am at ohio state , do you have your name posted on the site already? wow so quick you got the result...i did my pv trick and it was a good pop up but still cant convince myself ...
  6. by   Shiela Lowman
    I tried today, its say's Your account is already exist.. I don't know what does it mean.
    I just took the exam this morning for CA.

    I am really nervous.. it's stop # 75..

    Do i need to create an account again? I did but its says " your account is already exist" then when i log in its says on my status " delivery successful" and Details about future exam appointments and appointment activity within the past 28 days are shown below. From this page, you may view your current account activity, update your profile and schedule, reschedule or cancel a future appointment (if the testing program allows). If a testing program requires you to request approval before making an appointment, the status of your request is shown.

    please help me what does it mean? is this good?
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  7. by   Shiela Lowman
    I got the answer's already.. I did it in a wrong way lastnight.. mine it goes to CC.Aggrrr.... I don't know what do to now! I am so sad really :-(
  8. by   boracay beach
    Shiela ,
    Did you open a new account and tried the PV trick? or the same account b4? please dont be sad until u get the result, I am too in stress but still waiting 4 the result ,,,
    good luck ,,,
  9. by   Shiela Lowman
    I used my old account and tried today the PVT it goes to CC say need to pay 200$ so it means I already FAILED!! I am so sad..haayyzz :-( good luck to you too..
  10. by   astroboyRN
    please read my post below. i edited after realizing there was something wrong.
  11. by   astroboyRN
    Hi guys! I know based on reading the thread here that almost if not 100% of those who tried the PVT passed the test. My question is, has there ever been an incident where you tried PVT, didn't take you to the CC page and then you failed?

    I've seen a couple of postings that led them to the CC page yet passed but I haven't seen anyone who said they were not led to the CC page and they failed. How accurate is PVT in terms of passing the test when it led you to the "good pop up".

    I hope I stated my question clearly.

    I'm one of those people who got the message "Our records indicate that you have scheduled ... ". I'm feeling a lot of anxiety right now. I know most of you will say I passed but I'd like to see my name on the site first with my license number before I rejoice.

    By the way, a big thank you to this site. I find it very helpful.
  12. by   jseitz
    Well hopefully this works..PVT says I passed! Keeping my fingers crossed...
  13. by   greenynyzeLPN(RN)
    i checked my mail today and find out that i passed! the trick is true. have faith study and always pray