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  1. by   Vietguy
    Quote from PVTyourmyHOPE!
    your welcome. i see. member of the choir. cool! i wish i can sing. )
    i only told my mom first she told my dad and he told everybody else. it's the chain. )
    well hope we can find a job soon! :d, when a daughter is successful, parents are the most happiest people, they're probably so proud of you...Seriously, I'm not good at singing, I suck at it but I just join because it's fun

    I hope so too...perhaps someday we might be working in the same place...who knows. Do you know how long we have to wait for receiving the Registered Nurse certification? I heard the BON will send us a card and a wall certifcation..
  2. by   BreeeRN
  3. by   jmnurse08
    When should i try pvt? I tried it after 2 hours it said delivery successful... the question was easy so im afraid i failed
  4. by   Tinkerbell04
    Good luck!!!!! I take mine in two weeks; the stress is starting to build up. I am trying to tell myself this is just another test.
  5. by   jmnurse08
    Ty, hopefully hehe. You used davis too right? it helped
  6. by   caliotter3
    Good luck.
  7. by   jmnurse08
    Ty, pray for me pls
  8. by   Tinkerbell04
    Yes, I am using Davis. I pray it will help me. I think you got this one!!!
  9. by   LakersLVN
    Hello Allnurses,

    I just want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who contributed their results after doing the PVT.

    I have been browsing this site for many months now and I created an account today to add onto the already long list of users who have gotten the good pop-up.

    I took my test in Gardena, CA on 11/27/2010 and left the test center feeling sick to my stomach. I tried the PVT as soon as as I got home and was elated to see the good pop-up. After 2.5 weeks I received my official test results in the mail saying that I have passed.

    Thank you to all the people who have been sharing their experiences and test results. I have been able to sleep soundly because of your cooperation and now I am thoroughly convinced that PVT works.
  10. by   jtanga
    Where u from frosty?
  11. by   forsty
    am from new york
  12. by   jason1jason
    Good Luck!! I too am using the Davis CD and I must say its pretty tricky!! How much would you say it helped you?

    Thanks, and good luck again! Im sure you did fine. Also how many questions did you get?
  13. by   fawnfalls
    Hi, I live in CA, took the nclex pn yesterday...I have tried the pvt since I got home yesterday...keep getting "good pop-up" but still very scared I did not pass, it stopped at 85 questions...the whole test was a complete blur...finished in an hour! I really hope this trick works...How long does it take to get results here in CA? some people are saying 3 to 4 weeks, and others got letters in like 2 weeks! So stressed!