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  1. by   Hiro_RN
    congrats badphish!

    I checked Default , typed in my info and it said that my "Overall Examination Status: PASS" !!! I assume I will have to wait a couple more days to see my RN license number show up online? It feels so surreal! PVT worked for me.

    For those who didn't get it this time, stay strong! I've studied like I never studied before for this exam, but I believe that confidence was the integral key in order for me to get through this exam. Keep your chin up!
  2. by   mntgrl
    Well I took the NCLEX RN in PA on Tuesday the 14th. I took it with another person from my class. I was so worried. She had 75 questions and found out the next day that she passed. I had 130 questions and had to wait 48 hrs. It was nerve racking. My computer terminal rebooted during my test and I thought there was a problem since I didn't get my results the next day. The only thing that kept my sanity was the pearsonvue trick. Thanks who ever figured this out! It worked for me.
  3. by   LightRain_RN
    PVT worked for me...I took my NCLEX-RN Tuesday, got the pop-up when I got home and got my results today that I passed!!! I still can't believe I'm an RN!!!! YAY!!!
  4. by   jojofries2
    Just wanted to give some more support to the PVT, took the test yesterday got the good pop up and today my license is active on the Ohio BON website!! Hooray!!
  5. by   queenbeeof4
    I'm now a believer. Got the good pop up after knowing for sure that I failed... I found out today that I passed. Thank God that the PVT exist, it did give me the
    glimmer of hope that I needed!!!
  6. by   Chose
    Hi RNs! I took nclex second time today with 169 q's. I went to pearsonvue and got the pop up...hopeful and waiting.
  7. by   itsmee
    i took the NCLEX-RN sept 15th at 8am along with another classmate. we both went home and did the PVT. i got the good pop up and she was able to get to the credit card screen. I checked the BON website and my name and license number was on there by sept 16th 9-10am. unfortunately hers was not. i think the trick works.
  8. by   Chose
    When I took the exam the first time I had 265 q's. I did the pvt the next night and my credit card went through...lucky I had the 200.00 because they took it fast out of my account. So it worked then... This time on yesterday I had 169q's and I wasn't able to go forth...pop up appeared...I had SATA..NO PICTURES..ONE EXHIBITION OF CHART DATA..NO CALCUATIONS...PLENTY OF DRUGS AND PRIORITY Q"S LIKE WHICH ONE REQUIRES FOLLOW UP AND WHAT SHOULD I DO FIRST AND WHAT DO I EXPECT THE MOST...TEACHING AND HEALTH PROMOTION...SAFETY AND INFECTION...SOME ASSIGNMENT DELEGATION...PEDS...LOT OF POST OP AND DX PROCEDURE TYPE Q'S....I DID THE HURST REVIEW...EXAM CRAM....INSANELY EASY PNEUMONICS...SAUNDERS...I ALSO TOOK A BREAK DURING MY EXAM ONE ONLY...AND MUCH PRAYER...DEEP BREATHS TO ENDURE...I KNOW GOD WOULDN'T BRING ME THIS FAR TO LEAVE ME....


  9. by   magmwd
    I took the exam on the 15th and got 75 questions. I was with 2 other classmates and we were all convinced we failed. We didn't know about the PVT. Yesterday both of their licenses showed up on the BON and mine did not. I was convinced I failed and desperately began googling and came upon this trick. I tried it and got the good pop up. Because of it I was able to calm myself down and even sleep last night. Today my license is on the BON! The trick appears to work. Thank god for it! I may of lost my sanity yesterday without it.
  10. by   804_LPN
    I took my exam yesterday the 16th with 139 questions....found out today (I am an RN!!!!!!)
    I did the pearson vue trick yesterday and I am a said the good pop-up and sure enough I passed! :rckn:Thanks for whoever figured this trick out it helps the anxiety. Good luck to everyone! Congrats to all that passed.

  11. by   Asimpson
    ok ok... I just took NCLEX RN this morning at 8.... I had 75 questions, and took about an hour and 45. I walked out of there crying. I felt like I didn't know anything. I had about 20 drugs that seemed like they were made up, a handful of disease processes I'd never heard of and about 8 SATA. I tried the PVT got the Good Pop Up, but of course I'm still freaking. On the re-registration you're suppose to put "yes" i've taken this before and "yes" i've taken it for this license before right?? I feel like there's no way I could have passed.
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  12. by   JeanettePNP
    Took the test Tuesday, got the good popup, still waiting for my license to show up on the BON. Why is New York State so slooooooowww???
  13. by   TabithaB
    @ adubb

    Yes you should put "yes"

    Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the have done it!!!!
    The feedback from thousands of nurses regarding the PVT can not be wrong!!!!
    I got the good pop up last week and low and behold...........i passed!!!!

    Congrats nurse!!!