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  1. by   JeanettePNP
    Okay, now I'm getting the "results are on hold" popup. Dang. I'll have to wait.
  2. by   heyyyitsanna
    waiting sucks i had to wait for so long! but GOODLUCK!
  3. by   LatarikaK,LPN
    SO I took my NCLEX-PN in Illinois at 8am on Monday (yesterday)... I started getting the good pop up at 1:30pm or so... Im so geeked I should have Quick Results Wednesday (tomorrow) by 9am.... It only took me an HR to take my exam.... && I stopped at 85 questions!! It was HARD... My program has an 100% pass rate... Glad I didnt change that!! I <3 this blog BTW... Been reading it for almost 3 weeks!!
  4. by   LatarikaK,LPN
    If probably wont be that long... By this afternoon you should have something... When did yu take the exam??
  5. by   JeanettePNP
    Quote from LatarikaK,LPN
    If probably wont be that long... By this afternoon you should have something... When did yu take the exam??
    I took the exam at 8AM this morning. Still getting that "results are on hold" message...
  6. by   Taryn963
    :hpgp: Maybe if it was called the "Pearson Vue SNEAK PEEK" instead of "trick" it would be easier to believe our own eyes?????? I mean , we all WANT to be happy...but we are afraid of being "tricked"?? It really DOES work, guys! CONGRATS TO ALL!!!!
  7. by   Taryn963
    (that is what it was supposed to do! oops!)
  8. by   JeanettePNP
    Got the good popup. Finally. Woooo!!!!
  9. by   Taryn963
    CONGRATS!!!! YAY!!! Doesn't it feel good???
  10. by   johnny08
    It's nice to know I'm not the only one to get all worked up over this exam!

    I took such comfort in reading everyone else's stories this afternoon, so here is mine (the quick version):

    Took the test today (Sept 14, 2pm). Very nervous (headache, insomnia, muscle tension, abdominal cramping, diaphoresis, n/v, you name it). Couldn't help staring at the clock/question counter, even though I'd heard it would just make me more anxious! LOTS of SATA, LOTS of pharm (weird things...with random, vague AE's), quite a bit of prioritization. One picture, one "data", no calculations. I was pretty sure that I was messing up all the pharm/prioritization, because I kept getting more! I hit "next" on question 75...and it was over! I didn't cry or dry heave; probably because I was in shock. I wasn't done! I had to answer more!

    Next (well, you know the drill): Came home. Started googling. Read all the threads/discussions. Tried to do the PVT, but it kept coming up "ready to send." Finally, at 6:47 (yes, I checked at 6:45!), I saw those two little words: "Delivery successful!" Oh my goodness. I didn't know if I would have the courage to actually try the "trick,"--but, of course, I didn't have the patience not to!

    ...filled out all the forms...took a deep breath...clicked the button....and:

    Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time.

    Still waiting to celebrate until I see my name on the BON website (does anyone know how fast the turnaround is in Maryland?), but I will definitely be sleeping a little easier tonight! Good luck to everyone!
  11. by   ngg12 friend just checked online and her license has been issued...she had tried the trick and gotten the good box. I am hoping to my license issued soon too! All fingers crossed!
  12. by   meggie roo
    I just took the NCLEX-PN and it stopped at 85 questions.
    2 hours later i did the pearson vue trick and it gave me the "good" message! I hope it really works!
    Has anyone ever gotten the "good" message and failed????
    Naturally, I'm still really worried that I didn't pass!
  13. by   LatarikaK,LPN
    Just got UNOFFICIAL results!! I passed!!! Exactly 48 hrs TOO!!