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  1. by   Sl1011
    Has this happened to anyone? Has anyone gotten the GOOD Pop-up and found out they failed?
    Or even the other way around? I'm taking my exam on Friday.. I moved it up 5 days b/c anxiety is killing me and I want to get it over with!
  2. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    I haven't heard the PVT not working. Everyone I personally know said it worked for them and it worked for me too. Good Luck
  3. by   hostos2010
    Navida and Stereotypical:

    I doubt that your friends did it correctly. They probably tried to check before 'delivery successful' was done.

    Always seems that when it comes to the pearson check is not accurate, it is always from some friend, always a second hand story. You ever watched Judge Judy? A story about 'hearing from a friend' does not hold in court. It's just hear-say. Tell me if you SEE IT for your self!
  4. by   flocam
    The PVT works 150% people...........It make sense too.... If it goes to the cc page, that means you failed and that you have to re-register again for the exam.
  5. by   flocam
    It is a computer trick where who can re-register or cannot register anymore bc you passed...
  6. by   caliotter3
    Good luck on Friday.
  7. by   feelingblue
    Well I guess the trick does work...found out this morning I passed...and I passed with taking 253 questions...UNBELIEVABLE!!! Thank you Jesus!
  8. by   chocoloco
    CONGRATULATIONS to eveyone who passed....
    It is absolutely encouraging to see a lot passing the Nclex. It keeps me motivated and gives me high hopes that I will be among those who pass soon too. Thank you for sharing your experiences. They are all worth reading.
  9. by   Finallymadeit10
    Hello everyone...
    I took the Nclex-RN on saturday @ 8am and did the pvt and got the good pop-up, I just found out that I passed and I am now a RN. YYYYAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!
  10. by   powell2010
    I just got done with my PN exam a while ago. I tried the PVT and get a pop up that says I have an open registration at this time. I cannot reregister.

    Is that a good pop up? it does not tell me to contact any one...but does not let me go to the cc page either?

    ok it just said delivery successful.....and a good pop up!!!!!!
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  11. by   Flipgirl
    Yay! I just took mine yesterday 8/30 at 1PM I did 75 qs. I feel like I did bad but when I did the trick I got the good pop up....But I'm still scared! I can't sleep at all...Do u guys know how long I will have to wait for the result? and am I gonna get through email? I prefer email than mail because I haven't even told anyone that I took it already not even my family..I'd rather tell them the good news right away and spare them....But goshhhh this is crazy! Hope I passed...
  12. by   Flipgirl
    Quote from IamAnewRN2010
    HELLO everyone. I just wanted to share my story with you all because this site helped ME remain calm for what had to be the longest 6 days of my life.

    I took my exam on August 18, 2010 in CA. (NCLEX-RN) Went into the exam thinking I had a firm grasp on what to expect for the test. I mean...I had a ton of resources at my disposal. (I mainly used Saunders and the ONLINE Kaplan Course questions to study.)

    Boy was I wrong! The questions were like none I had/have ever seen. And the questions for me appeared to start at a difficult level to begin with. I truly mean that question number 1 WAS HARD!! And the questions just got harder and harder to the point where I had to say What the HECK is going on here!!! (I DIDNT SAY HECK IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) question 60 I knew I had failed the exam. I began just answering questions with the belief that I was really just paying $200.00 for a sneak peek of the NCLEX...thats how terrible I felt I was doing. When I reached #73 I got what felt like my 10th SATA. Answered it to best of my ability...went on to #74 and what do you know SATA again!!! I remember thinking at this point, I hope the comp does not shut off at 75 bc I still need to show the COMP that I could answer some of the questions correctly!!! 75 comes up......and yup....SATA again. I mean, what kinda luck am I having or not having to get SATA's for 73,74,& 75? Answered the question and COMP shuts down. (I CAN FEEL MY HANDS SHAKING AT THIS POINT....OR WAS IT MY WHOLE BODY...) I felt soooooo terrible when I walked out of the building. Got in my car closed the door and SCREAMED %^$* at the top of my lungs. (NO JOKE).

    A friend of mine told me about this blog/website and about the good popup and bad popup. Checked my "status" and got the "good popup" and read all the stories here and I could not believe it. And to make a very long story short.....worked for me. Passed......found out on Tuesday @3am. VERY HAPPY NOW. EVERYONE from my class who got the good pop up passed the EXAM. One girl that I know from another school went to the CC page and she failed.
    I hope this helps some of you. Thank you all for taking the time out to share your stories.

    Just for those of you who want to know. Had 75 questions. Ton of SATA, MEDS and PRIORITY. NO MATH.
    OMG I had the same thing a lot SATA, MEDS, PRIORITY, NO MATH...with 75 qs and I feel like I effed up...when I did the trick I got the good pop up but I'm still not okay...but reading your story made me feel better thanks...
  13. by   FutureRN19
    I just took the NCLEX yesterday, did 75 questions in one hour. Got lots of Priority, abt 8-9 Meds, 1 Math, and 6 SATA. I didnt think the Test was a monster but because of anxiety, I was getting stuff confused. However I left the place feeling crappy, my appetite was gone for the whole day. Came back home, did the PVT and got a Good Pop Up !! I hope its as accurate, can not wait till tomorrow n see if it actually works!!!!