Pearsonveu status "Result not Available"

  1. I took my exam yesterday Dec. 30 , 2014 stopped at 75. I tried the PVT trick and went through the credit card and ask my info when i click the step 2 it said that I WILL NOT be charge until i click submit.

    I used the credit card/secured card which is activated will expire on 2018 but only $100 there . I tried to submit and on step 3 ( Receipt ) page it said that .
    Payment was declined :Contact your credit card company or use a different credit card .
    I think I FAILED

    Status in my pearson : Result not available ... Do i need to wait till it will change to " deliver successfully" before I can use the PVT trick?

    Does this mean I failed in my exam ? . In the status of my exam said " Result not available " . This is my second exam and my first exam showed in the status "delivered successfully" . Why im getting " result not available " in my status? Do i need to wait and then try the PVT again once my status change to "delivery successful" ?
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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    It means that it hasn't finished rescoring your test for the second time. It usually takes 24 hrs to finish processing your test. Wait until it says delivery successful before trying again or wait for quick results.
  4. by   scaredsilly
    Pretty sure it will say results not available until the quick results are ready to buy if you are in a state that does quick results.
    You should frequently check your BONs website for a license number and if quick results are available in your state, they should be up by tomorrow.
  5. by   PinayRN2Be
    I think I failed cause when I called the BON for re application and she asked my name and date of birth to check and she said yeah you can submit your reapplication now. SO it means I DIDNT PASS .

    Ill try my luck again next time and Im not going to wait till my result with Quick Result will come up.
  6. by   PinayRN2Be
    Any advise?
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  7. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Delivery successful no longer exists. Results not available refers to quick results (if your state BoN participated) after 48 hours post exam results should be available for quick results. The test is scored twice, hence why quick results aren't available for 48 hours post test

    Reregister at your own risk. If you passed you donated $200 to pearson Vue. If your state participates in quick results, just wait until available. Risking $8 to find out if you passed/failed is much less costly than risking $200 for an unverified trick
  8. by   PinayRN2Be
    But why when I called the BON and asked when can i register again for re examination. She took my last name and date of birth . In few minutes ( I think she check my result ) She only said that I can submit my re application again anytime. But she didnt tell me if I pass or fail .

    For me, I think this is one clue that I failed , cause she told me that I can re apply again anytime.
  9. by   Sonia1210
    Just be positive there is still hope.
  10. by   MissM472
    It's also new years eve. Well new yrs now. Pearson and offices are closed. Wait till January 2nd.
  11. by   akulahawkRN
    If your card was declined, that basically meant that the appropriate "flag" in the system was set to "fail" status and it attempted to collect the reapplication fee from the card. If you attempted to do the new PVT less than about 24 hours after you took the exam, there's a chance you passed, though it's rare. That being said, since the clerk you spoke to indicated that you can reapply at any time, that's a further clue that you didn't pass the exam.

    Given the information provided in this thread, I think you have failed this particular examination. Wait for your Candidate Performance Report and study the related content they indicate. I would also suggest working on test-taking skills specifically for the NCLEX. Since you have passed Nursing School, you likely possess the knowledge to pass the NCLEX. This is a very different exam beast than we experience in school. It's just different. Hopefully your school provided you NCLEX-style questions throughout so that you're familiar with them. There are lots of NCLEX tips here, just search for them.

    You've seen the NCLEX twice now. You know what kinds of questions can be thrown at you. This is passable. You have to know that or another beast called test anxiety can get the best of you.
  12. by   PinayRN2Be
    YES you are RIGHT akulahawkRN.. I check my result and its fail .
    Ill try again next time maybe ill pass .
    Thanks all for your reply. I APPRECIATE it
  13. by   ER-R N
    I'm sorry