Pearson Vue Trick did NOT work for me and I PASSED! 2017

  1. Hello,
    i just wanted to make a post in hopes that this will come up for potential nurses googling about the Pearson Vue Trick (Pvt)

    Took my NCLEX in January of 2017, decided to try the Pvt so many people swear on, did NOT get the good pop up, cried cause well obviously it didn't work so figured I had failed. Nope! I passed.

    The Pearson Vue Trick does NOT always work. Don't let it trick you!

    This is was my second time taking the NCLEX, I failed the first one. It happens! I just picked myself up and studied some more. Passed it the second time with minimum questions. There is so much online help out there! So good luck to everyone!
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
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  4. by   Extra Pickles
    Are you saying that you put in credit card information, it took your credit card payment of $200, and then you found out later that you passed?
  5. by   teady012002
    So did it make you pay for another exam?
  6. by   GynoT84
    Could you describe how you did it and what it said ? A lot of people are doing it wrong, not saying you did. Just curious because the trick does seem to work with most people.
  7. by   pmabraham
    I had the same problem where the trick didn't work though I did pass.
  8. by   GynoT84
    Are you guys doing it right though ? Most people I've seen say that it didn't work either did it too early or completely wrong.
  9. by   Blondie28
    No, I put in the wrong exp. number. Other girls from my class did the same, correct everything EXCEPT the expiration, did NOT get the "good" pop up, and passed
  10. by   teady012002
    What was the message that it said once you put in the wrong expiration date? What pop-up did you get?
  11. by   Extra Pickles
    Quote from Blondie28
    No, I put in the wrong exp. number. Other girls from my class did the same, correct everything EXCEPT the expiration, did NOT get the "good" pop up, and passed
    Did the message tell you to resubmit your card info because you gave invalid info? If so, all you know is that the computer recognized you gave it invalid info. It might have tried to charge it because that's what it's designed to do, it's what you're asking it to do by submitting your credit card info. Card could have been declined because you were scamming it and it knew it, but unless you put in the right info you don't know if your card was declined for that reason or because you failed and it tried to charge you for new registration.

    All you know is that you gave the wrong information and the registration program asked you for the right information. Doesn't mean the trick was wrong for you it means you didn't do it correctly. My opinion is to not do it at all as if you did give it the right info it could have still given you "the good pop up" or it could have charged you $200 anyway. Stupid game IMHO. Congrats on passing!
  12. by   cherrychan
    it worked for me,passed at 75 questions,Iwas scared ,but the pearson trick did worked
  13. by   Blondie28
    I don't get why ppl are trying so hard to defend this Pvt and say I did it wrong. I made this post for future nurses who do this stupid Pvt and don't get the so called "good popup" and get discouraged. You still have hope! I followed the directions and did it correctly. I also know two girls from my class that had the same thing happen. I noticed on all the other posts of ppl saying it didn't work there's always ppl trying to say no you did it wrong it does work blah blah blah. Gosh, it's annoying.
  14. by   Teal03
    I've heard SO many people say this trick works and I believe you. I took my test yesterday and tried the PVT with the "good" pop up. I entered the wrong exp date just to make sure I didn't get charged the $200 (in case I did pass). The pop stated "our records indicate that you have recently scheduled the exam. Another registration cannot be made." A "bad" pop up would've stated that the card got declined or it could not be processed. I'm hopeful that I passed but I'm still waiting on results!