Passes NCLEX with 175 questions - page 2

I am posting this to let everybody who is sitting at home and sick to their stomach because their test did not shut off at 75 that you could still certainly pass. I took the test on Friday the 11th... Read More

  1. by   Gilu
    Congrats to all of you ! I took mine on tuesday and passed it. I am so happy . I was scared and started shaking when the computer did not stop at 75 questions. I took a moment and I asked God to cool me down cause I could bearly breath. Then felt better, I continued taking the test. The computer stopped at 80 questions and I was still confused and said God I know you were there with me and I trust you no matter what.
    Good luck to all of you in your career, and you will always remember you commit yourselves to give the best care to people. May God lead you all!
    Peace and love!
  2. by   LauraTheNurse
  3. by   bimmersbabe
    Congrats!! On July 22, I took 165?'s and felt like it was the worst test I have ever taken in my life. However, I also passed and am so thankful!
  4. by   studymom39
    What 900#? The one they gave me, 1-900-77-nclex (776-2539) doesn't work.