PASSED Nclex RN, 2nd attempt, International student

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I took the Nclex RN test for the 2nd time two weeks ago and Passed with 130 questions. What a relief, I am finally a Resisted Nurse. Glory be to the almighty God who helped me through it all. So today I am hear to share my test preparation resources and give word of encouragements to those who are getting ready for the exam. Listen, if I can do it, you can do it too. I am an international student, being out of school for years, married with kids (under 7 years old) and working part time. Can you imagine finding 5-6 hours a day to review 100 -150 questions in this hectic life of mine? But I was so determined, my focus was to see the these two beautiful letters "RN" next to my name anytime soon. Every morning I tell myself "I can do it all through Christ who strengthen me".

    My journey to the test prep started by deactivating Facebook and other social medias, because I wanted to use every bit of time I have on reviewing. I listen to audio Nclex reviews and YouTube videos when I do house works, in the park with my kids and while driving. Most nights I fell asleep watching YouTube review videos on my TV. Nclex literally took over my life for few a month

    So long story short, here is my journey of NCLEX Rn review at a glance,

    From my first attempt, I realized that content was one of my weakness area so this time I started by reviewing some contents on the following sites

    • Summit collage comprehensive review

    Comprehensive Review Day 1 << Summit College

    • (check her you tube videos)

    • I also used all the Mnemonics I can find on Goggle or even make up my own Mnemonics/Picmonic to help me memorize facts and lab values. Just do a Mnemonics search on the topic you are straggling to memorize.

    Then I signed up on NCSBN RN review and did all 1300 questions.

    I also subscribed onKaplan for a month and did 1600 questions from Qbank. However most of the questions on Kaplan Qbank are similar to the questions on one of the Kaplan book
    I found at my local public library (2017 Strategies, Practice & Review with Practice Tests). You can also find this book on Amazon. My average score on Kaplan was 55%.

    [FONT=Amazon Ember, Arial, sans-serif][COLOR=#111111]Then finally, I signed up on [/COLOR][/FONT]Uworld[FONT=Amazon Ember, Arial, sans-serif][COLOR=#111111] for a month subscription and I LOVED IT. The questions are very challenging and on analysis level. The rationals are detailed. I finished all 1900 questions and my scores was 55-60%. On the Self Assessment test I got 64% which put me on High Chance of passing and yes I PASSED. I am overjoyed

    So future Nurses you can do it too, and even if you do not pass at this time it is not the end of the world, lift yourself up and try again. You fell only when you stop trying. Study smart, discipline yourself, find your weakness area and work on it.
    I wish you all success future Nurses, hope you join the the Rn team on board very soon.

    I am here if I can be any help to anyone out there

    God blessing you all.
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    Congrats on a job well done. Enjoy your career. Be the nurse that makes a difference.
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    Congrats and thank you for the link to help us still preparing.
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    Congratulations!! I'm hoping on passing my 2nd atfempt as well. I'm working on my content with Saunders and am loving it so far.