Passed NCLEX-RN on 3rd Attempt - Gift Inside!

  1. Hey Guys,
    So I received good news yesterday, that I finally passed my NCLEX-RN on the 3rd attempt! Here’s a little summary of my journey through it all.

    First Attempt:
    · Used Kaplan qbank and in-class review
    · Scored high 50s – low 60s on the qbank, question trainers, and sample test
    · Did not fully review the rationales
    · Failed at 165 questions in 2.5 hours
    · Felt depressed and bitter
    · Went into hiding for about a month with no outside contact with anyone but family

    Second Attempt:
    · Used Kaplan qbank again
    · Scored high 60s – low 70s (only because I’ve gone through the whole qbank once already)
    · Reviewed the rationales but did not organize them
    · Felt confident, memorized the rationales
    · Failed at 75 questions in 2.5 hours
    · Spiraled further into depression and bitterness
    · I could no longer go into hiding so basically I lied to friends and family about passing

    Third Attempt:
    · Enrolled in a local preparation course and ATI, subscribed to UWorld
    · Local preparation course was a refresher of content
    · I used ATI as a fail-safe mechanism, meaning I did not study my content from it but rather used it as an assurance that I was ready to go
    · I used UWorld as a means for practice and content review
    · Mock exams from local preparation course indicated that I would pass, got the green light from ATI, and scored 63% average on the UWorld qbank
    · I felt confident but there is a lingering sense of doubt in the back of my head
    · Passed at 75 questions in 1 hour
    · I’ve never felt such a relief of burden off my shoulders, now I’m off to start my career

    My Advice:
    · Enroll in a refresher course for nursing content
    · UWorld
    · Understand NOT memorize rationales
    · UWorld
    · And again UWorld

    My Gift:
    · Email me at
    · I can e-mail you my notes and answer any questions you may have

    Best of luck to you all!
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  3. by   Stannie
    Congratulations!!! [emoji4][emoji4] I will email you right now thank you
  4. by   tumbletohumble
    Thank you! And yes, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.
  5. by   Flnolegirl will be coming your way
  6. by   michellerose3
    Congratulations! Please email me your notes
    Thank you so much!
  7. by   tumbletohumble
    Quote from michellerose3
    Congratulations! Please email me your notes
    Thank you so much!

    I won't be checking this forum very much but will be checking the e-mail provided every other day. So don't hesitate to e-mail me even if you don't get a response here.
  8. by   glamity22
    I passed my NCLEX on the 3rd try also. I find UWorld to be more helpful than Kaplan and Hurst. It doesn't only break it down in simpler form but gives a lot of illustrations and mnemonics.
  9. by   dreena
    Congrats on passing!! Please email me your notes. Thank you!
  10. by   ocopenshaw
    Thank you! I emailed you for notes
  11. by   Mad Max
    I was hoping to have more information on the local refresher course for nursing that you attended.