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  1. Passed NCLEX-RN 3rd time in 236 q

    Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing!!
  2. Passed NCLEX-RN on 3rd Attempt - Gift Inside!

    Congratulations!!! [emoji4][emoji4] I will email you right now thank you:)
  3. Nclex reviewer materials needed

    Hello, what is your email address
  4. passed with 78Q!!

  5. Passed NCLEX with 75 qs on SECOND attempt

  6. Passed NCLEX-RN on 2nd attempt

    Congrats !!!
  7. PASSED NCLEX with 75 Q! What I did Differently

    Congratulations!!! Could you please send me your notes. My email is
  8. Nclex - I passed on 2nd try!! *read*

    Congrats, could you please email me the stuff your bestie sent you my email is Can't pm because I am not a paid member
  9. NCLEX saturday - HELP? Hurst?

    I was in the 60's and I passed. You will be fine.
  10. Need some help - Hurst, NCSBN or EXAM CRAM?

    Hurst helped me a lot, it's very good for content, and I used an app call Philippines NLE review!
  11. "The GOOD POP UP"

    Congrats you passed! It's very accurate
  12. Do you have the study guide , it's really great. I used that and Hurst. I took mine on Saturday I got the good poop, but I'm still waiting on the board. Pray, and everything will be fine.
  13. Hello, I need a study partner in pompano beach area. I'm desperate. I'm taking nclex April or Mai. Thank you
  14. NCLEX-PN 4th try in 3 weeks

    Hi Deevaa, could you please email me the 50 pages . My email address is thanks
  15. Just got the good pop up LPN GRAD

    What material did you study? Congrats!!!