Passed NCLEX PN on the 1st try after 8 years out of nursing school

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    Everyone has a method or plan to pass the NCLEX. My goal is to pass. No shortcuts or cheat sheets just hard work. 3 months of studying while working 2 jobs (60 or more hours week), bible study once a week, and a single mom of a toddler and kid in elementary school.

    Passed NCLEX PN on the 1st try after 8 years out of nursing school

    I've heard many different methods how to pass or how to study and what steps were taken. I can't say my method would work for anyone else. I just want to share how I did it.

    I'm a mother so my goal is to provide for my family. I've always wanted to grow up as a nurse. Although being a mother is greater. So to be a great mother is to lead by example on how to strive for the best.

    Here are my steps on how I prepared for the exam:

    I graduated LVN/LPN nursing school in 2009. I took my first NCLEX exam in 2017. Days later I was notified I passed the exam! Many people asked why a long gap. Honestly, I was scared to fail and I got comfortable being in administration. At the time I was 19 years old when I graduated.

    As the years passed my fellow peers either passed or failed. I was still scared to be known as a failure, although I was already a failure for not taking the exam. So a failure by default. Until New Year's Day of 2016 I gave myself a lecture that since I was in middle school I wanted to help others as a nurse. So just try.

    I went to the nursing program I graduated from to get answers on how to take the exam. I got an answer from them in August 2016 to submit an application. In September, the director of the nursing program approved my process to start my application process and finger print scanning paperwork.

    January of 2017 my application was approved by the nursing board to take the NCLEX. The same month I registered and paid to take the NCLEX. I made my appointment to take the NCLEX 12 weeks from that date. I told myself will need only 12 weeks to prepare no matter what, no more excuses. Keep in mind it's been years since nursing school and never taken the NCLEX before. I bought the PDA by LaCharity, and Exam Cram plus Saunders.

    February 2017 got nclex failure remediation course with a mentor. In the course, my mentor gave me suggestions on what to study on and follow the recommendations on how to study with others in the group keeping each other on check. Downloaded nclex mastery app on my phone to study on my downtime at work or waiting in a lobby or something instead using social media.

    March 2016 took a nclex simulation exam to see my progress and focus the area of improvement. April 2016 signed up for the hurst review 2 weeks prior my nclex exam date. April 21 I took a day off from work, woke up late, went to the movies, went to my favorite restaurant for dinner, I was tempted to study but my friends kept me occupied to refrain myself from studying bc nothing was retaining the information.

    April 22nd I took the NCLEX exam. I was 100 something questions in the exam til the computer shut off. I cried in my car thinking I probably failed.

    May 1st I received my letter of passing the exam and paid the fee for my license. Received my license a week later. Also got license insurance coverage for a year. Hired as a Traveing nurse May 16th. August hired to work in Urgent care.

    Never give up. I did all this while I had a full-time job during the day and a part time job at night/weekend. Bible study once a week. Planned and did my oldest daughter's birthday in January and my youngest daughter in March as a single mom. My family has their own agendas so I hired a babysitter to help.
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  3. by   NLLL16
    Congratulations! I think a lot of people would have just given up after 9 years. You had a lot of courage to start back where you left off 9 years prior!
    Good job!
  4. by   nadu13
    This article has really made my day ... I myself will be sitting for the NCLEX PN 9 years later. I had to do a refresher course which included clinical and I loved every moment of it because I learned so much than when I went to nursing school. I mean all the nurses I work with allowed to do everything while they watch and it just confirmed that I am meant to be a nurse and for this reason I knew it is time for me to take this nclex and pass it so I can move to the next step. I just completed the Hurst Live Review. And I will be purchasing U World next month. Thank you for this article and wish you much success in your career.
  5. by   toni_babe_99
    Congratulations! I'm going on 4 years of not taking my boards for the PN. Just like you I was afraid of failure but I'm tired of seeing my friends enjoying their RN careers (but I'm happy for them) and here I am afraid. So, I'm starting tomorrow! I'm planning on taking my boards in December. I plan on using Saunders, Hurst, and maybe simplenursing. My question to u is how did u study out of the Saunders book and how many hours a day did u study? Any other study suggests would help. Once again congratulations!
  6. by   nclex4
    How much you pay for simplenursing?
  7. by   Love08060512
    The Board of nursing didn't give you trouble allowing you to test after being out of school for so long?
  8. by   Shamiere01
    I wanted to know what refresher course/ clinical did you take? @nadu13