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  1. marpee

    RE-taking CNA Class

    Hey don't get your motivation down! CNA is a very though you are right but it is worth it. Your talking about a job that can literally save people life - so don't give up on it. Like other people comment here I recommend you to prepare yourself with some online resources like CNA Practice Test and after you feel enough confidence answering the questions right go to take another exam and we wish you to pass the first time. God bless you and good luck
  2. marpee

    When Faith Creates False Hope

    I agree with you.
  3. marpee

    Religion & ectopic abortion

    I agree with this. I am a pro-life, but definitely also a pro-choice. And I believe that it is not "abortion" to do a medical treatment on an ectopic pregnancy situation.
  4. marpee

    From Nurse to Nurse Influencer

    Worth reading for. A very inspiring to all nurses and soon to be nurses. Thank you for sharing and inspiring us.
  5. marpee

    Let go after 11 years, feeling worthless and anxious

    An inspiring one. Thanks nurse Beth.
  6. marpee

    Should New Grad Start in Hospice?

    Agree with nurse Beth. Thanks for a good advice and nice approach. Just really need a good experience first before handling a complicated one. One step at a time.
  7. marpee

    I Failed 4 Times, But.....

    Congratulations! Not only on your educ. but also in changing life's mindset.
  8. marpee

    NCLEX in One Week

    wow!haha.. good to know. Congratulations.
  9. marpee

    NCLEX RN exam 2018 - finished at 265q

    Congratulations dear. God is good all the time
  10. marpee

    NCLEX RN exam 2018 - finished at 265q

    Agree with this. Just keep yourself busy and keep on praying.
  11. marpee

    NCLEX-RN pass the 8th time

    Congratulations to you! And thanks for sharing inspiration.
  12. Thanks for sharing. A nice inspiration.
  13. marpee

    NCLEX JUNE 2018

    Congratulations to all of the passers! :)