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  1. renchen

    How do I pick myself up after failing NCLEX?

    Update: I retook my NCLEX, and got near pass on all topics. I reapplied again and now waiting to take my 3rd time. I used UWorld and Saunders for 2nd attempt. My next plan is Remar and Hurst.
  2. No matter the outcome. I just want to say, you did your best and I am super proud of you! I understand your feelings and what you must be going through. I take my NCELX tomorrow for the second time. I graduated June 2018. Took it first time in Nov 2018. Failed it. Went into depression for awhile and finally tomorrow I am taking it. I tried MK audios, uworld, Nclex mastery. Yet it wasn't enough. Now I think back to it... my mind wasn't really there to absorb content. I took awhile to take my test because I had family, money issues, personal health problems. SO much was going on my mind was "mumble jumble." After 1st NCLEX attempt, I used that time to get my health on track, focus on my goals, self evaluated me, and revamped my study habits. Taking questions everyday and taking notes from UWORLD rationales didn't work for me. I wasn't getting the big picture. And I didn't know how to connect the dots of nursing content. My weakness was content. I bought Saunders and did UWORLD again. Separated the topics in maternal, peds, adult med surg cardiac, respiratory, etc. When I finished content on maternity, I ONLY did UWORLD questions on maternity. Then I would go through the rationales. Look over the topics or condition that I didn't grasp. ( I know. People say don't do it because NCLEX is going to give us random questions from different systems. Do I care? No because I told myself, that this is probably what's going to work for me and it did.) Next, I used Sarah Registered Nurse RN. She was the silver-lining that helped me connect the nursing content. I hope you try her page. Trust me. You just have to find a study method that helps you put the content together so you can see the bigger picture. I believe you CAN DO IT.
  3. renchen

    How do I pick myself up after failing NCLEX?

    Hey!!! Thanks for the tough love. You are right. I am DWELLING WAY TOO MUCH. I just want to thank you and everyone on here. Being supportive, giving me REAL TALK, and most of all telling me not to give up. I found my holy grail study to studying! My tip: While everyone continued to comment here, I remained silent. I did a lot of thinking and self evaluation. I journal and wrote down my thoughts, worries, and re-discovered my true motivation. I surrounded myself with people who were supported and asked for help. I eventually overcome this depression after I failed NCLEX by telling people (I was closed to) that I failed it. Then I revamped my study habits. Studying plainly questions everyday and take note on rationales from UWORLD wasn't enough anymore. I decided to look over Saunders. I pretty much assessed myself that I needed a better understanding and grasp of NURSING and reviewed content for a month. Then I went to Sarah Registered Nurse RN to help me piece everything together. She helped me see the bigger picture and why everything happens. I saw the connection and I think that was my silver-lining.
  4. Hey everyone. I took NCLEX last year and failed. It was so hard to swallow this failure. My friends who graduated last June are nurses and we hardly talk now. They offer to help but our time schedule conflicts. They’re doing their own thing and I’m just still here. I don’t know how to pick myself up anymore. I have health problems and then financial problems and then I still have to worry about passing NCLEX. I work as CNA at a hospital and it’s hard to see my friends begin their career as RN on the same floor where I work and I’m soooo tired of hearing everyone asking me if I pass the test yet.. sometimes I get so much anxiety and want to throw up or hide because it’s embarrassing. The nurses on my floor doesn’t know I failed but some of my friends who are now RN’s do. I feel sooo shameful. I have a family to support and after learning I failed.. I am terrified of NCLEX, I feel worthless. How do I overcome this feeling? How do I pick myself up after this hard downfall? How do I stop feeling sorry for myself and stop feeling embarrassed???
  5. renchen

    Any post NCLEX thoughts?

    Hey butterfly1980. I didn’t pass.