Passed in 75 with an Infant!!

  1. Hey everyone! I promised that if I passed or failed I would write an article about what let me see to that score. So here I am. I am blessed to say that I passed my NCLEX on Halloween in 75 questions and I did it with a 5 month old!

    Here is a little background on my situation. I got a surprise positive pregnancy test August of my senior year in nursing school. Although I was scared I would not graduate on time I was able to and my lovely baby girl came 3 weeks after I graduated. Unlike all of my other classmates I was unable to take my NCLEX as soon as they did to start the July rotation. I took time to recover after my c-section and to be a mother. My goal was to start studying in July to take my test at the end of July but personal issues preventing me from doing that. So once again I was pushed even further from graduation in regards to studying which terrified me. It wasn't until September that I decided it was best to put my child in daycare for 2 weeks so that I could study Non-Stop to try and take my test the week after.

    I had job interview set up the first week of October so my goal was to take my test before heading out to do them so I could let them know that I passed or would have to take it later if I didn't. I was unable to take my test in September despite my Board of Nursing sending me an email saying my paperwork was approved and to wait for my code to test. It never came. I ended up doing all 3 of my interviews with still no code in sight. I contacted My Board of Nursing one last time and was able to reach someone who told me that all I was missing was my drivers license picture and that upset me so much that my NCLEX was delayed over something that I was unaware of. I immediately sent it in and receive my code and scheduled my exam for Halloween.

    My mind was going crazy trying to figure out how I was going to study with my infant and no longer being able to afford daycare. It was through the grace of God that my best friend was in between jobs at the time and was able to watch her for one week. During that time I used Kaplan and Kaplan only to practice question after question. Any part of the question or rationales that I did not understand I looked up and wrote down in a notebook. Did I feel prepared as I wanted to? No, but it was all I had to work with and my test was coming up.

    On test day I was really nervous but the setting was also really nice and comfortable which helped a little bit. I made it to my seat and begin the test. I had so many select all the apply that in my head I feel I failed. Despite knowing a lot of information I still felt unprepared for those type of questions. I only had one exhibit type question and the rest were multiple choice or select all the apply. Around question 33 I was praying that it will go past 75 because I believe that I had already failed. When my test cut off at 75 I had already started prepping for having to take the test again in December. I had flew through the test in under an hour, not intentionally but that's just how it went and that also made me feel like I did not do well. For someone who has an out-of-state job that starts in February I really wanted to get it out the way. The two days waiting where the longest two days ever but when I seen the word pass pop-up I cried.

    Sorry this is so long but I really just wanted to say that it's not always easy and everybody has a different way of studying period for me my mind works better with short study periods before a test. I also want to say that just because you have a baby does not mean that you can't do it but you will need help to make the load a little easier. Congratulations to all the others who passed this October I'm supposed to will pass in the upcoming months!
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    Congratulations RN!!!
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    Thank you!
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    Hello, i have a son also.. may I know your schedule plan and tips?
    And also any other materials?
    I hope you could help congrats btw.
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    This gives me so much hope. I was preparing for my NCLEX-RN last October to my surprise yeah pregnant. When I accept that I was and trying to push through it seems so difficult. I would study hard but nothing was sticking I was so forgetful. They call it pregnancy brain. I would just cry and cry and give up. It's seems when your down more issues arise. Ugh! personal issues and then ran into pregnancy complications not knowing if my baby would make it, but he did he's 4 months now. Now that I survive that part of my life I must go even harder. My mind is clear and I'm back in my books. Please pray for me your story is so inspiring. Congratulations!
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    You can do it! It may seem impossible because your baby takes up so much time but I am proof that it is possible. My daughter just turned 5 months two days before I took my test. Utilize your support systems whether that be family or friends.
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    My schedule was over a period of three weeks split up because of my situation. The first two weeks I followed Kaplan and completed all three phases minus the readiness test and the q bank. The week before my test I completed the readiness test and did as many q bank questions as I could. I reviewed every single question and looked up anything I did not know. I also read the 35 page review thing floating on this website every day to help it stick. I know you hear not to study to day before and I just used the time to spend with my daughter but I did look over lab values one last time.
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    Girl seems like we had same story! Graduated may 20th, had my baby in June 20th, took nclex on 10/31 and it stopped on 75th question. I found out I passed the next day, and my license and certificate officially came yesterday 11/6.....starting my job on 11/20
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    Congratulations! And what a coincidence lol I'm jealous that you got your license so fast. Where I am you have to wait 6 weeks before your license number posts on the board of nursing website. It's a good thing I don't start my job until February.
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    Quote from tiff_RN
    Congratulations! And what a coincidence lol I'm jealous that you got your license so fast. Where I am you have to wait 6 weeks before your license number posts on the board of nursing website. It's a good thing I don't start my job until February.
    Congratulations dear, enjoy your LO......I'm feeling sad already to the thought of leaving my LO for work.