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  1. NCSBN's online review for the NCLEX RN Exam-version 2.1 (with or without expanded pharmacology content)?

    I purchased the 3 week program for $50.

    What are your thoughts on this program? Has anyone used it and passed? Has anyone used just this program and passed?

    *My co worker used just this and passed.

    Any other comments/thoughts appreciated.
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  3. by   marxsoft
    My classmate used that program along with Kaplan to pass her exam. She said it helped a lot with content.
  4. by   GrnHonu99
    I used it. I took NcLEX today so we will see if I pass I liked the quizzes but I wasnt fond of the content areas. I really bought it for the tests.
  5. by   g_race
    i signed up on NCSBN program too... and i find that the contents of the notes are very simplified ( as i'm really having a hard time with too much medical terms and explanations). I also enrolled to check the Q n A's... when are you taking the exam? I will have mine next week and i'm getting a little anxious as the hours go by... include me in your prayers please... God bless!
  6. by   GrnHonu99
    I used it and passed. I mainly just used the quizzes.
  7. by   dijaqrn
    I used this and a book that was most like the NCLEX called Exam Cram.
    Good luck!