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The links got lost somewhere in the sea of this website lol but just for anyone who was looking for them I have the free site for the NCLEX 3500-RN and the NCLEX 3000-PN.... Read More

  1. by   sweetmya
    Quote from guiltysins
    The links got lost somewhere in the sea of this website lol but just for anyone who was looking for them I have the free site for the NCLEX 3500-RN and the NCLEX 3000-PN.

    Hi, I have a question regarding the second link u posted. nclex-pn 3000. I'm actually using my phone cuz my laptop crashed n its at the shop for repairment. I can't see much sinch I'm using my phone but i was wondering if the links u posted above are just website links or links to actually practice and use the questions of 3000? If so, how long will the link stay valid for? I just don't wanna loose the link or the questions stop working once i get my laptop back lol. How did you get a hold of those links n it's weird how the links would work without any password or cd?? pls let me know so i wont have 2 buy the cd for almost $600 as i am short of cash. thanks.
  2. by   blessed2banurseRN
    Hi does anyone one on here have an up to date website that I can find nclex review 3500? I've been trying to locate software less than $200. I have another question too, we use the Brunner & Sudderths med surg book and a cd rom came with it that downloaded an icon to my computer and is called nclex rn 3500. I would like to know if anyone on here knows if it is the same as the springhouse pub, nclex review 3500? If anyone have a recent website address please please please post. prayn2b
  3. by   D_Nichole205
    This helped me pass the NCLEX PN!
  4. by   caliotter3
    Read the info presented on the CD, both physical and virtual, to see if it is "the" NCLEX 3500 you are looking for. I suspect that it is, but it doesn't matter anyway. You will want to do as many questions as possible, and the sources of those questions should not be important. Good luck.
  5. by   ling9000
    Hi Nichole...congratulation for Passed the nclex. where we can have the nclex 3000 coz i tried all the link but didn't work.
  6. by   mriach
    Did you have any luck finding the new nclex rn 3500? I am having trouble too.
  7. by   lpnstarstudent
    Does anyone know where to find nclex 3500 cheap? I have 3000 pn but want the 3500 RN. Thanks
  8. by   mriach
    I have been looking and looking for this also. I have been putting off studying for a year and need to get on it.
    Please, Please, Please let me know if you find it.
    My email is Will you please reply to this because I rarely if ever check this.
    Thank you
  9. by   LPN2BE101
    the pn isnt workin for me
  10. by   mriach
    What are using now to study?
  11. by   lpnstarstudent
    LPN2be101 - Why didn't the PN software work for you? Was it a software problem or you just didn't like it? I highly recommend the PN version period! I bought the institutional version and passed my LPN with no problem. The questions are formatted the same as the actual inclex, it seemed some questions were allmost word for word the same, and with the institutional version there are many options available for study and practice computer test taking. I don't think I would have passed NCLEX without the software. I know a lot of people who even used it to study for their RN and said some of it is even applicable to that.