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  1. Most common LTC meds

    I am a new grad working in LTC and these are meds I see a lot: Lortab, Ativan, Namenda, Neurontin, Metformin, Aricept, Colace (probably the one i see the most), Potassium, Remeron, Norvasc, Renagel, Sertraline, Miralax, Gapapentin, Calcium, Iron, Ser...
  2. I need some support on my second attempt in nclex rn

    Relax. You'll pass this time :)

    I thought ATI was pretty helpful. I like how it tells me what my weak areas are, and I made sure I looked at those. According to them, I had a 96% chance of passing on the first try. I did end passing on the first try. Good luck!
  4. i don't know if i passed :(

    I agree with everyone else, just wait for the official results. I know it's not going to be easy, but you can do it! There are a lot of people on here who felt like they failed but they passed. Good luck with the results. I'm sure you did just fine.
  5. Please pray for me guys

    You will be in my prayers! You can do it!

  7. nclex was easy!!!!!!

    I didn't think the NCLEX was too bad myself...Saunders Comprehensive Review 3rd Edition was very helpful for me. I focused a lot on my weakest area which is Maternal/Child nursing and hardly got any questions on it. I think Saunders have some good te...
  8. Shy new grad at work

    I am a shy/nervous type of person myself. One of my classmates and even a clinical instructor asked me "How are you gonna be a nurse and you're shy?". Well, I always got my job done, and the patients seemed to really like me during clinicals. I just...
  9. Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    Thanks to everyone who posted facts on here. This thread really helped me to pass the NCLEX!
  10. Practice test scores correlate with passing NCLEX?

    Congrats!! I didn't do too well on practice tests and still passed...
  11. 75 Questions on NCLEX, pass or fail?

    I took the NCLEX PN, got 85 questions, and passed:anpom:
  12. How often do you visit allnurses.com?

    I visit this site daily!!
  13. Update on jobs for new grads

    I haven't found a job yet. I have gotten calls and a few interviews but then they end up going for someome with more experience. I don't have any at all. :-( But I'm not giving up.
  14. NCLEX - best study materials?

    I used Saunders, NCLEX 3500 and also the "random facts" thread on this site. They all helped me a lot. There are some mnemonics that were very helpful in that thread, especially the ones about Infection Control. Good luck!
  15. Online NCLEX-RN and PN

    This helped me pass the NCLEX PN!

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