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AFTER 4 YEARS OF FEAR, I TOOK THE NCLEX FOR THE SECOND TIME AND PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For all of you out there who think you can't do it or think it is too difficult to be done, IT CAN BE... Read More

  1. by   firefly86
    :urck:Congratulations! very happy for you!
  2. by   Letjackson987RN
  3. by   mamaellis2many

    Way to go and congrats. I graduated in 1993 but because of hubbys CVA and fathers cancer and CABG along with several other crises, never took it until now. Failed on first try with a rating of near passing standards so I am hoping I pass on May 18th. WTG. Proud and happy for you. Now just relax - you deserve it :tbsk:nbch:
  4. by   brooksrapp
    I am in the same boat, I graduated in 2006, and worked but could never pass the exam
    I feel ready now and have been pouring over the Saunders edition 4,
    I am about half way through the book. But i feel more confident then I ever have.
    I am happy for your success, and thanks for posting it really helps with the confidence.
  5. by   maggiernpainnurse
    Happy Dance !!!! Always remember the feeling you feel today.
  6. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Congrats Miss RN !
    My moms friend took and passed RN nclex after graduating 15 years ago !

    Believe it or not it can be done !