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I took my nclex on Saturday and shut off at 85 questions. What are the posssibilities of failing at minimum questions? I read a post of someone who took it twice and failed twice at 85 questions. ... Read More

  1. by   jessicatoyota
    Really??!! I thought there would be several jobs in California. My sister in law lives in san diego. I have never been but need to go, they say it is beautiful. Yeah I have been looking to see how many people who have had 85 questions and failed, i havent heard of many!! I see alot of people have 85 and pass!!! I'll just keep praying for the best!:spin:
  2. by   happybird67
    Wow she is in San Diego?? She is so lucky!! I loved it there! If you get the chance you should visit there! There's so much to see and do! Yeah I have seen a couple of lvn jobs down that way...just not much for us new grads up here so far...they want lvns with at least 1 year or more experience, and the economy isn't helping either so that's good that you are already working...I am praying for a turn around really soon for all of us looking for jobs!:wshgrt:
  3. by   jessicatoyota
    Hey! I PASSED!!!!! I found out today. Passed with 85 questions! Thanks so much for your support and encouragement!! Now that Im making nurse pay and know that I get to keep my job I might just go to San Diego!! LOL
  4. by   happybird67
    Yeay!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! Yes San Diego would be a perfect vacation for you!!! Congrats congrats!!!
    So Happy for you, now celebrate, you deserve it!!
  5. by   luvbug
    I went to San Diego last year in April (I think I might have mentioned this in another thread, sorry for repeating myself). But, I can't get over how awesome it was! If all my family wasn't here (in the cold Midwest) I would move there in a heartbeat. So I highly recommend at least a vacation there--and the longer you could make such vacation, the better. It is fantastic!
    And congrats on passing the test!
  6. by   jessicatoyota
    Thank you guys!!! I will for sure have to make my trip to san diego!! How is the job hunt going for you guys?!
  7. by   blkring
    i took my nclex pn on 1 july 2009 really scared because it stopped at 85 questions too, i have one friend who failed at 85 questions...really scared, checking texas bon to see if i passed but nothing so far. No news is good news i guess...never seen anything like that, i studied saunders and nclex pn icredibly easy. What i studied was not even on that test, drugs etc. Hopefully something will show up today pray for me!
  8. by   2brichielpn08
    I dont understand how you measures individual competency on this one stupid exam while there are more other area people are good at...this EXAM is stupid. While still a lot of nurses who already passed this exam and working still makes mistake in there daily routine at the hospital or where ever they work at..This exam is a BULL...they think nurses has to know everything..where not GOD you know..Thank you.
  9. by   blkring
    i tried that registering trick and it wont let me, so i hope that is a good sign...still nothing yet, have a upset stomach now from worrying...I have tried going out to do my favorite thing, FISHING, but nothing helps.
  10. by   2brichielpn08
    I took NCLEX-PN twice. The first time i stopped at 85..then FAILED. The second time i took it ..I stopped at 85 again ..and FAILED again. So tell me ..what am i doing wrong? I have my basic , I attended a review class and study hard..I am not stupid to not know it..SO WHY I DIDN"T PASS when i get to 85?? So some people here they dont know anyone who failed getting 85..well here i am can you tell me WHAT's WRONG THEN?
  11. by   blkring
    I PASSED!!!!, but then i had to pass the jurisprudince test....I PASSED that too...So much off of my chest, Now on to RN starting
  12. by   deshonne24
    Quote from BigB
    everyone i know that scored 85 passed the nclex. everyone that went to 205 failed. You can pass at 205, but remember tis means that after 200 questions you still haven't met the minimum competency. If you notice on this board the people finishing with 85 pass, while most that go to 205 fail. The numbers do matter in tems of percentage of passing /failing. I say the sooner the computer shuts off the better.

    I don't totally agree with that b/c in the past 6 months I have seen people who computer shut off at 205 and they passed..and just today my friend who took it on last tuesday cut off at 85 and she failed!! So I think ya just never know??
  13. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    85 can mean you did really bad or really good ! the # of questions does not matter.