nursing career is a discourAGE - page 2

the agony of waiting for almost one month and i failed!!!!. i seriously dont know what to do. loosing my faith in everything i do. i have never felt like this b4 in my whole life. i feel so depressed... Read More

  1. by   nadu13
    hey luv2shop19mall, I know exactly how u feel. God never gives you too much that you can't handle. Just like everyone else said "Take sometime to relax and clear your mind". Don't give up... I failed the NCLEX twice and I really want this so bad. I started doing Suzanne4 study guide. I find her plan is working effectively for me and I think it should work for you as well. I think you are going for the RN and I'm going for the LPN so if u would like we can do this together and retake our test about the same time. I am here to talk if you need to talk to anyone. PM me anytime. :angel2:
  2. by   blingbling
    Oh goodness you have came to far to completely walk away..I could imagine the hurt you must be all you can to prestudy again for the test........remember in school some tests could have been better scores to us...........use this energy to fight for what you want and get going with it........don't take too much time to start preparing our neg. can consume work out things you must and get ready to tackle it again..YOU aren't the first one and YOU sure wont be the last one.........hugs and prayers rushing your way.......tootles
  3. by   Nursing28
    how did you study?????????? are you understanding every rationale......(really important) last but not least, did you receive the letter stating that you failed????????????