needs tons of prayers

  1. took Nclex yesterday for the 3rd time here in London. The computer stop at 84. I only have 1 calculation and 2 to 3 meds questions and the rest were all priorities.I need all the prayers right now and to be honest im a bit confident this time.(fingers crossed? Saunders 3rd edition plus the cds really help me. I used Kaplan before and many other review materials but i fail. when i read here about the saunders 3rd edition i just concentrate this time around with the saunders 3rd edition. hope will do it this time.:spin: :spin:
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  3. by   christymwinn
    i am sure you did great!!!
    let us know!!
  4. by   RNfromMN
    I'll be praying for you - good luck! Let us know...
  5. by   Sabby_NC
    many prayers sent up for you that this will be the time for you to move on into a wonderful profession. best of all good things for your future.
  6. by   popidol73
    thank you very guys.
  7. by   LZRN
    Good luck! I took mine for the 3rd time yesterday, 265 qst, alot of priority, 3-4 check all that apply, and only 2 medcalc questions. Again, GOOD LUCK!
  8. by   Leilah75_RN
    best of luck to yah....
  9. by   whirlwind
    goodluck and keep us informed...