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christymwinn specializes in Everything but L&D and OR.

married, 2 kids, have been around the medical field all my life.

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  1. christymwinn

    To move to MO, or not to move....

    Sooo, it has been awhile........ did you move?
  2. christymwinn

    Info On Sanford Brown

    :yeahthat: :yeahthat: :yeahthat: and I did go there(for a little while)
  3. christymwinn

    What do you all think of this?

    I too understand about feeling sleep deprived in the mornings on your way home. I have found myself so tired that I have had to pull over somewhere so I can "nap" until I am able to at least drive myself safely home. I do understand that as night nurses MOST of us have chosen that. You have to remember that some nurses,as new hires or even new grads, don't really have a choice to work nights or days-you get nights because that is what is available if you want a job! But, i don't know what I would say if I was that mom, I very might well say the same things she did. It is real easy to tell somebody what they should have done after something bad has happened.
  4. christymwinn

    Patient Care Tech and CNA?

    A CNA requires a certificate, they have to take a standard test. A PCA,PCT, or whatever other initials they have do not have to take that test. They might have to take a "test" for the place they are tring to get hired at and then go throught certain orientation and job skill training, but they are totally different. I was a PCA. You do not have to be a CNA to work in a hospital in my state, but you do to work in a NH.
  5. christymwinn

    Posting fears...

    i am not too worried. i don't get too specific, and i don't think enough people truly pay attention to who you are here. there are so many of us, it's almost impossible. if it is something that i am truly worried about, i don't think i would post it.
  6. christymwinn

    Pt beds in the hallway

    i have worked in a hospital that would put stretchers in halls of ER, but NEVER on the floors! The ER just had to go on diversion if that was the case. and this was in a city hopsital.
  7. christymwinn

    Is this abandonment?

    if you are talking about that, then i agree with you too. i am from missouri as well and remember a lot of those nights. but on the other hand, if you are on your break, i don't think that should count. it is your own time.
  8. christymwinn

    Respiratory Therapy or Nursing?

    i know some people who were RT's and then went back for their RN. I actually work with an intensivist (ICU Dr.) who was RT, then RN, then Dr.!!
  9. christymwinn

    needs tons of prayers

    i am sure you did great!!! let us know!!
  10. christymwinn

    Pt beds in the hallway

    amen sister!!!!
  11. christymwinn

    I need advice quickly.

    IMO, i don't think that it would hurt you for your resume. If you are applying for healthcare realted jobs, technically you don't need to put it on there. You can if you want, but you can also explain that you were only there for a short time b/c you wanted to devote your time to your education in healthcare. sorry noone answered sooner, and hope this helps.
  12. christymwinn

    Please share something GOOD that happened at work!

    i had a pt who was a meds only pt ( in the icu) and the family was staying with him b/c he wasn't doing well. I know that i was there for the pt and his wife (who was having a very hard time with all this b/c it was actually unexpected in the beginning). i was able to sit down and talk with her about his condition and help her with all the information she needed to make decisions about his care, and when he passed toward the end of my shift the family was with him for as long as they needed ( 2 hrs) and gave me hugs as they left. that made me feel good to know i was there for them when they needed someone most.
  13. christymwinn

    Nurses are Pathetic!!

    ok, i had to quit reading on page 7 b/c I was just getting thoroughly disgusted. I would say this to anyone in any job that they hate... if you are not going to do anything yourself to make the changes you say need to be made, then you need to go find another job. don't bring the rest of us down and into your mess b/c you are so unhappy! Yes, I ahve had bad days.. some real bad days, but i also know that if it gets to the point that i am thinking like you, i will leave b/c i am not doing anyone any good by being there. there is a lot of stress that you have to deal with , but i have been around healthcare all my life and have worked in a healthcare setting since i was 13. i knew what i was getting into. i am a strong person. if i have a problem, i try to fox it. i am on 3 committees to make a difference in my facility ( and that's what you need to do if you want to make changes). as a traveler you still have every right to speak up. you not speaking up is what keeps the problem going. there may be quite a few nurses out there who should have never been nurses, should have retired early and so on, but don't lump us all together,b/c w/o those of us who care your loved ones wouldn't have anyone to take care of them!!
  14. christymwinn

    Pt beds in the hallway

    I agree with most above. I think it is unsafe and an ethical issue to have "inpatients" in a hallway. I would not want to be one of those patients, or any of my family members either. How can you give quality care in a situation like that? That is like telling the patient "you are not good enough to get a room"!!
  15. christymwinn

    Most RN's first borns?

    first born of a first born(also a nurse), she has etoh father, but not me.
  16. christymwinn

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    ok, here's my BUMP and my bookmark. Sometimes I wish I had a story, but really I am thankful I don't!!