Need a certain % to pass NCLEX??

  1. Hello everyone!!

    I just got my practical nursing diploma in the mail last week!!! (graduated the end of May) While most of my classmates already have dates for their boards...I haven't even applied! I am so scared of failing, I can't make myself send in the paperwork.

    Nursing school was terrible!!! I never had a grade lower than a B, but felt like I didn't learn a thing. School was so fast paced, it seemed I studied for 1 test, took it, and forgot everything I'd learned to make room for the new stuff. Anyone else feel that way?

    I'm also confused as to what "grade" you need to pass boards. Some people have told me it has to be over 60. 60% or what? What does that mean?!?!?

    Any advice or help on the subject would be so appreciated! If I freak out much more, I'll probably never take the boards!!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    There is no grade on the NCLEX. Those people who told you 60 are completely off the mark.

    The NCLEX is designed so that both passers and failers tend to score around 50%. If you start scoring above 50%, the questions get harder. If you are scoring less, the questions get easier. The computer will look at what level of difficulty it takes for you to stay around 50%. This level of difficulty is what determines pass/fail.

    For more information about the NCLEX, visit and click on the 2006 Candidate Bulletin.
  4. by   LPN2be topaz
    I know how you're feeling~! I graduated in May too and haven't taken my exam yet either - though most of my classmates already have. I felt like school went way too fast! I knew I'd have to take the NCLEX, but I didn't expect the wave of anxiety I felt once I scheduled my appointment. Now I'm just trying to get into the grind of studying for this test.. despite the self-doubt. I know I'm a smart girl, I did well in school, I guess its just a matter of putting in the study time and having a little luck on my side when it all comes down to the exam. Good luck to you Kelly!
  5. by   truern
    I think DREADING the NCLEX is as bad as taking it...if not worse!!

    Get on that horse and RIDE IT!!
  6. by   cardiacRN2006
    I believe that the best preparation for the NCLEX is school itself. Don't wait too long after school has ended to take it. Take the time you need, but not too much time. I have found that the NCLEXs bark is way worse than its bite.

    Good Luck!
  7. by   kelly2006
    Thanks for the encouragement!! I have finally sent in my i have to work up the courage to actually schedule an appt!! And good luck to you, LPN2b_topaz!! How exciting, that soon you will be able to take the "2b" out of your name!! Thanks again to you all for your comments!!
  8. by   Jules A
    I've heard many times that the sooner you take the exam the better you score. If you had taken it after you graduated and, heaven forbid, didn't do well you could have already re-registered and taken it again by now.:wink2:

    Good luck. Jules
  9. by   RNKay31
    All the best on your exam
  10. by   charebec65
    I graduated on Aug. 10 and took my NCLEX on Wednesday (30th). From the time I got my ATT in the mail until I got my results a week later, I was an absolute wreck. You should have been taught what you need to know to pass it. Aside from that, use the disk that comes with Saunders' review and pay attention to the rationales. It's a scary process and I walked out of the testing center, had a good cry, called my hubby and told him I knew I'd failed. Well, I didn't fail.... You'll be fine. I wouldn't put it off too much longer though. It's recommended that you take it not long after graduation.. Good luck..